KRUA is an award-winning, non-commercial educational radio station based at the University of Alaska Anchorage

But, as such, we do not advertise on air. However, don’t turn away yet! We do offer sponsorship through the KRUA Underwriting Program. This is a great way to support the campus community while also getting your name on the airwaves.

Let us explain. What is underwriting? Underwriting is a way that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) permits non-commercial radio stations (such as KRUA) to receive funding through means of community sponsorship. Some other examples of non-commercial, underwritten radio stations are National Public Radio (NPR) or Public Radio International. Like them, KRUA is a station whose purpose is to be a resource to the community and not merely entertainment.

There are two funds you can choose from when deciding to Underwrite with KRUA: our General Support fund (used for major expenses at the station) and our Student Scholarship fund (distributed each semester to a student volunteer).

Breakdown and Rates

We offer three underwriting packages: Station Sponsorship, Event Sponsorship, and Program Sponsorship. These packages differ in the amount of air time you get per dollar. Each package is also allotted a certain number of spots per week. These spots are scheduled to air during morning and afternoon prime hours, to maximize your exposure. This is done in the form of a spot-per-week schedule.

Typically, three spots are aired per hour. As the sponsor, you can request certain times during the week for spots to air.

Station Sponsorship Package

Station sponsorship lets you sponsor KRUA and all of its volunteers, helping us stay on the airwaves and continue to keep great college radio in Alaska. This package includes three spots per day, aired at prime times for our listenership.

2 Weeks42 Spots$500
4 Weeks84 Spots$600
6 Weeks126 Spots$700

Event Sponsorship Package

Have a specific event you’re building momentum for? This package provides underwriting air-time for particular events one to three weeks in advance of your event. This package includes four spots per day, aired at prime times for our listenership.

1 Week28 Spots$400
3 Weeks56 Spots$500
6 Weeks84 Spots$600

Program Sponsorship Package

Program sponsorship allows you to sponsor a particular program that KRUA offers the public each day.  Contact our Marketing & Underwriting Coordinator for more information.

Underwriting Guidelines

Due to FCC regulations for non-commercial airwaves, there are several rules we must abide by in any underwriting announcement. The following is a brief description of what can and cannot be used:

DO’sDON’T’sTelephone #, email address, web site and location of business or area served.Qualitative Language: (handcrafted; homemade; great; wonderful)Days and times of operationComparative Language: (better; most)A listing of up three (3) products or servicesCalls to Action: (call today, come by)Product origin: like “Belgian Waffles” or “French Bread”Location of business using another business as a reference: (located next to)Intended use of product: “Men’s Suits” or “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner”Number of years in business: (serving the community for over 20 years)Product content: “Silk Blouses” or “Leather Shoes”First person statements: (I urge you…)Form of delivery, or method of preparation: “made from grapes” or “cooked with herbs’’.Second person statements: (You can stop by…)

Other Notes on Underwriting with KRUA

Corporate non-promotional slogans may be used in underwriting acknowledgements if they are in well-established use by the business and the wording stays within the spirit of these guidelines and FCC regulations. All underwriting, including corporate slogans, is subject to approval of the Station Manager of KRUA 88.1 FM. Financial support does not in any way imply that sponsors may influence program content or programming decisions. If you are interested in just donating without promoting your business and/or event, that is also an option! Please see our donation page for more info (FYI: your donations are tax-deductible!).


Questions? Contact our Marketing & Underwriting Coordinator for more information.