Meet the faces of non-profit,
educational public broadcasting.


james kendall

Station Manager | 907-786-6800

James has heard your music and has a thing or two to say about it, if you're lucky. As a former Music Director at KRUA, he maintained KRUA’s rotation for the airwaves. Without his efforts, 88.1 FM would’ve returned to its sustained broadcast of the studio fish tank, which has honestly been pretty boring since our beta was relocated. James possesses a taste so refined, he knows if a CD contains any bangers within 15-20 seconds of licking it (45 seconds for cassette tapes). Music promoters from across the nation wait patiently each week for James to proclaim if their offerings please him or not. Feeble bribery won’t win him over. Try a sacrificial goat or two.



Programming Director

You know when June is in the office because her hybrid aircraft takes up 40 parking spots at PSB and that is the reason why there is no parking at UAA. Don’t blame her though! She can train 20 volunteers while speaking Japanese at once, and our volunteers become the face of Jukebox radios. In the hot June summers, June likes to take a solo kayaking trip from Alaska to the Galapagos Islands and ride ostriches throughout the Amazon. June is a huge help around the office. She will always e-mail volunteers reminders about upcoming events and hangs up a bunch of flyers around campus making students aware of Betsy, the missing cow. Don’t make June angry or she’ll make you listen to “It’s a Small World” for 8 hours straight. For now, she is slowing covering the office in Post-it notes. By the end of June’s era, the KRUA office will turn into a Post-It note museum. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at KRUA, June is your girl! Her only line of communication is Post-It notes.


Radames mercado

Production Coordinator

Radames is a cheerful spirit with a lot to talk about. But be warned! If you hurt his dog or scratch his (very ugly) car, he'll turn into a knock-off John Wick except less fit and with more editing skills! Usually decked with a full suit, feel free to approach him and ask him if you can change his pocket square design. A loyal supporter of KRUA since his freshman year, Radames has finally earned the special privilege of being sent to the KRUA Dungeon of Editing to work on PSA's, ID's, and other cursed objects most people will roll their eyes at. Keep his contact in your pocket, because when you need a PSA, Radames will do his best to make one for you. Just make sure to fill out the PSA Request Form first, lest he turn into the Boogeyman...



KRUA is an award-winning, non-profit,
educational radio station based out of the
University of Alaska Anchorage.


National Arbitron research has shown that our listeners tend to keep listening for longer periods of time than they do with other radio stations. Listeners also tend to be younger. This can be attributed to KRUA’s diverse choices in music and programming; whereas commercial stations tend to play the same select programming over and over again and focus on an older audience.

As the college radio station of Anchorage, students tune in to KRUA each day to hear about new and exciting opportunities on their campus. From our main studios on UAA campus to our transmitter in Eagle River, our radio station reaches a significant portion of Alaska’s South Central region.

Sponsors associated with KRUA are exposed to a large and diverse listener-ship that spans South-central Alaska and now, with online streaming, around the United States and the World, allowing your business to be more accessible to more people at any given time.

KRUA has a small core group of student staff and a large collection of UAA and Anchorage community volunteers. Since 1992, KRUA has provided the UAA and Anchorage community with not only great music and shows, but also the opportunity to gain skills in radio broadcasting and a unique creative outlet.

KRUA is funded by the students at UAA. If a student is enrolled in 3 or more credits, they pay an $11 media fee. These fees are split between KRUA and our sister organization, The Northern Light student newspaper. Because we are funded by student fees, we work hard to ensure that we are meeting the needs of students and paying attention to student interests.

Vintage KRUA 6.jpg

KRUA began transmitting in the spring of 1987.

It was known then not as KRUA, but as KMPS. During this time, they borrowed a small transmitter from Augie Hiebert of Northern Television, Inc. The station worked on a small budget, receiving only $1.50 per student through a student fee.

KMPS was a carrier current station. The signal traveled through telephone lines and could only be heard in specifically targeted places. In this case, KMPS could only be heard in student housing and the campus center. The schedule was sporadic and depended on the school schedules of volunteer DJ’s. The station tried to air from noon to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, but occasionally missed an hour or two.

During the school year of 1989-90, actual proceedings began to create an FM station at UAA. After meetings with the University of Alaska Anchorage journalism and public communications department, local FCC offices, and the Anchorage Associated Broadcasters, Inc., documentation to create a non-commercial, educational station began.

In 1991, KMPS received the approval to move forward with the construction of a tower site for the young station, and 88.1-megahertz was assigned as its frequency. A referendum to increase student fees to $5.25 per student passed by a landslide: this allowed the station to move towards FM status.


Celebrating over 25 years in broadcasting.


On February 14, 1992, at approximately 5 p.m., KRUA’s faint signal was suddenly being heard on the Hillside, in Turnagain and around the Anchorage area. REM’s “It’s the End of the World as We Know It” was the first song Anchorage listeners heard from KRUA.

In 2017, KRUA celebrated 25 years of FM broadcasts by hosting a free show with local acts I Like Robots, DJ Spencer Lee, and Lavoy.

As KRUA continues to evolve, one element is constant: KRUA volunteers. Our volunteers continue to make KRUA a great station to listen to, and an excellent place to work and learn. Thank you!

As required by the Federal Communications Commission, below is a link to our public inspection file.

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