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Help Save College Radio

Anchorage, AK: KRUA 88.1 FM began broadcasting over 27 years ago because of the charity and passion of the late Augie Hiebert, who donated our tower space giving us a foundation for broadcasting. Since then we’ve served as a training ground for University of Alaska Anchorage students and community members to express their passions through public broadcasting.

45 Goldie Awards later, we continue to produce unique programming as the only non-profit, educational radio station operated by students in Anchorage. Although we produce quality programming, it’s no secret that our signal around town can be poor at times. Now, we have the chance to improve the power and position of our broadcast antenna. 

Unfortunately, with enrollment continuing to decline and the budget for public education facing an unprecedented cut, your support is needed more than ever. In order to raise money to move our antenna, we’ve created a donation campaign; KRUA’s 72 Hour Pledge Drive beginning on Friday, July 19th at Midnight until Monday, July 22nd at Midnight. Moving our antenna will improve our broadcast signal while allowing us to continue to serve as an outlet for students and the community to learn skills that they may not have the chance to learn otherwise. 

Our 72 hour pledge drive will be full of special programming and guest DJ’s in an effort to unite the community to our cause while raising awareness for our station and the opportunity it provides for students and the community. The future of KRUA is in your hands. Please donate today by texting “KRUA” to 71777 or click the button below. Your tax-deductible donation will allow the legacy of KRUA to continue. For further information, please contact #savekrua

Listen to our interview with UA President Jim Johnsen below!

The 72-Hour Broadcast Summary

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The Contour Maps of Our Reception