Yes Yes

yes yesUpon my first listen to Yes Yes, also known as Michael Ersing, I was instantly excited. Excited because he wasn’t putting out any dance music (and don’t get me wrong, I love love love me some dance music, but sometimes you just want to sit back in a hammock with a bowl of mango slices in your lap, basking in the sun, listening to sweet jams that would be appropriate for long road trips, campfire jams, and most activities that happen with 3 or more people in large, open fields. On his track, “beautiful&true”, I was instantly reminded of Chris Bathgate, yet more free. Ersing does not bind himself to any typical indie folk parameter; yet, he and what sounded like a pretty solid amount of friends of his sang, shouted, cooed and whistled to their hearts’ every desire! It’s inspiring! With a cadence and vocal tone similar to Conor Oberst, (minus the douchebagish vibe) Yes Yes (or Michael Ersing, if you would) takes a well known style of music, rejuvenates it, and makes you want to go out and have friends and be one with Mother Nature herself. Well done, man. On a scale of one to hot-damn-I-should-really-consider-wearing-more-hemp, I give this record an 8!

Recommended tracks: “beautiful&true”, “Shaking Wind”, “Ocean! Ocean!”

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