Vol. 1 | H.E.R.

I’ll make time because you’re worth it, fall back when you don’t deserve it and I’ll start losing patience when my effort’s being wasted.” – H.E.R (Song Tittle – Losing)

When mystery married misery, we got the newest EP from H.E.R. This EP is a mixture of emotions one feels while in a relationship. There’s something very mysterious about H.E.R. If you look at her social media, all you see is her silhouette. The mystery along with her heavy, soulful, rich-toned voice captivated me. Having never been in a relationship beyond my 1st grade girlfriend India, this EP has a chill approach while still hosting meaningful lyrics that speak to even me. I would give H.E.R., Vol. 1 a 5/5 music notes on AJ’s scale of music worthiness. Recommended tracks: Losing, Focus, Jungle.

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