UAA No-Smoking Policy Co-Creator Discusses Enforcement

UAA No-Smoking Policy Co-Creator Discusses Enforcement

UAA has long debated the pros and cons of adopting a smoke-free policy. In April 2014, a student vote decided that UAA will have a smoke-free campus. The policy simply stated has three guidelines:

  1. No smoking of any tobacco products in any of the UAA No smoking signbuildings and premises in the U-Med district
  2. No tobacco-related advertising or sponsorship on campus
  3. Not accepting gifts or grants from tobacco companies (including e-cigs)

As the enforcement date of the policy on November 19th, 2015, the question of how the guidelines will be enforced, particularly how to discipline those who smoke on the campus, is raised. The UAA Police Department has stated they will not be the party to enforce the No Smoking Policy. In order to find out more about the implementation of the policy,  Professor Gabriel Garica, Public Heath Professor and co-creator of UAA’s the No Smoking Movement to the KRUA studios.

Professor Garcia stated community members, university students, and staff, will be disciplining force to peers smoking on campus. “At least for this first year of implementation it will be mainly about warnings.”

If you have any questions about the policy visit and search for smoke free policy.

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