UAA Makes Surprising Recovery and Win 7th Place In The Great Alaska Shootout Over The Rice Owls


UAA Makes Surprising Recovery and Win 7th Place In…

Photo Taken from Shootout.netAs the last game of the UAA Seawolves in the Great Alaska Shootout Men’s tournament went underway, their opponents the Rice Owls quickly gained a steady lead over the home team. However UAA surprised fans and the Rice Owls with a comeback and ultimately the win with a final score of 65-54. This secured UAA’s place of 7th overall in the Great Alaska Shootout tournament.

The first period was a different story altogether. Rice’s Andrew Drone started the game off with layup as the team gained a steady lead over the Seawolves. Half way into the first period, the Rice Owls locked onto a confident 10 point lead over the UAA Seawolves.

However UAA managed to climb out of this deep point deficit and managed to even the score as time ran out in the second period. A 3 pointer from  Travis Thompson was quickly followed by a jumper from Sjur Berg and gave UAA the lead 35-32 as the first period ended.

While Rice managed the tie UAA quickly into the second period, the Seawolves maintained the period as a close contest with the Owls. With 7 minutes to go another 3 pointer from Travis Thompson allowed UAA to surge past their rivals and widen the point gap.

UAA retained their lead and deepen the Owls point deficit to 10 points as the period ran to a close. While Rice’s Max Guercy ended the game with a 2 point layup, the UAA Seawolves ended up on top with 65-54 and Seventh Place in the overall tournament.

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