Twins | Ty Segall


Twins | Ty Segall

By KRUA Music Manager Felipe Godoy

Ty Segall has been a busy man in 2012. Releasing two albums this year already that included April’s “Hair” alongside the band White Fence and June’s “Slaughterhouse” with his Ty Segall Band. Segall recently released “Twins” his solo LP and his most impressive to date. As opposed to “Slaughterhouse” that took a hard punk direction and “Hair” which was much more of a psychedelic project, “Twins” might be a best-of-both-worlds record.

The record opens up with the rebellious “Thank God For Sinners.” A drawn-out reversed intro is interrupted by Segall’s loud and distorted guitar – Segall’s signature sound. The second track “You’re A Doctor” is emphatic and aggressive and has Segall repeatedly yelling at the top of his lungs “There is a problem in my brain,” sounding almost believable. Other songs like “Would You Be My Love” are a more slower almost ballad like track that still stand high to Segall’s punk standard while heavier songs like “Handglams” and “Ghost” are also featured on the album.

Overall “Twins” is perfect for those house remodeling events that may need to be you tear down the house first. Ty Segall has been able to show his diversity in songwriting and music genre through his three albums this year which all have been highly successful and well respected.

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