Putrifiers II | Thee Oh Sees


Putrifiers II | Thee Oh Sees

thee-oh-sees-putrifiers-ii-608x536Last August I was fortunate enough to attend my very first music festival. The venue, located right in the middle of the enormous Golden Gate Park in San Francisco hosted the Outside Lands Music & Art Festival. One of the best parts of actually going to a music festivals is accidently finding a great band. While waiting for Dr. Dog to take the stage I was fortunate enough to come across a local San Franciscan band named Thee Oh Sees. Their set was killer. Loud punk, crowd surfing, and angry security guards made for one of my favorite shows from the festival.

After returning back to Alaska the first CD I received to screen just happened to be Thee Oh Sees’ new album “Putrifiers II,” imagine my excitement. Thee Oh Sees started out as a side project for John Dwyer whose long list of bands includes Coachwhips, Pink and Brown, Landed, Yikes, Burmese, The Hospitals, Zeigenbock Kopf. The band is also notorious for having different variations of their name such as the OCS, the Orange County Sound, and the Orinoka Crash Suite as well as an insane amount of album releases with this being the band’s 12th.

The Thee Oh Sees incorporate distinct rock genres in varieties of sound into their music. Beginning with the punk oriented “Wax Face” to the more psychedelic tracks “Putrifiers II” and “Will We Be Scared.” The album even has influences of retro pop such as in the songs “Goodnight Baby” and “Flood’s New Light.” Eventually closing with the slow paced “Wicked Park” that resembles “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band” album material, the band successfully delivers an array of different styles to the listener.

The fact that there was never a Putrifiers I makes the album that much sweeter and a must-listen. If you ever need music to tear down a house or destroy anything this may be the record to do it to. “Putrifiers II” makes some great strides in exposing the Thee Oh Sees to a wider audience while continuing to keep the indie feel of their music intact. Furthermore, if you ever get the opportunity to see the band perform live make sure to prepare yourself: it may get crazy. 4.5/5

By: KRUA Music Manager Felipe Godoy

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