The News Feed: Putin’s year and students use of Alaska Airlines Center

Is the goat murder in question? Not Putin, the tiger (taken from

Is this the goat murder in question? Not Putin, the tiger (taken from

Some people have good years but others have great ones. Russian President Vladimir Putin definitely had plenty to check off his bucket list this year. Host a Winter Olympics? Check. Annex Crimea? Check. Become Time’s Person of the Year? Check that off Checkov.

In this final episode of the News Feed for the year, we discuss whether or not this great year for Putin will translate into a bad year for Russians as the sanctions on Russia appear to be taking their toll on the Russian economy. Of course we still have the rest of the world to update you on including elections in both Israel and Sweden.

We also discuss local news and the increasingly interesting mayoral race that’s heating up in Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage. All of that and Ammon Swenson looks into whether or not students will be getting much utility out of the new Alaska Airlines Center.

And be sure to tune into the News Feed this Friday for our Best of the Year episode!

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