The News Feed: Lisa Murkowski on Title IX, foam sword fighting, and a gold fish takeover


The News Feed: Lisa Murkowski on Title IX, foam…


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In this experimental episode of the News Feed, Mariah interviews Senator Lisa Murkowski about Title IX. Ammon investigates the world of Amtgard, a foam sword fighting and live action roll playing group. Also, Palestine faces a housing problem and gold fish take over a Colorado lake.


    You mean I don’t have to pay for expert advice like this anymore?!

  • Tequila

    USUALLY, college eltreocs are chosen during their primaries, the exceptions are few but the rule is written for that state. To have a primary, you have to be an established party, and both Green and Libertarian struggles to be accepted in ND. I sign both petitions every election. The roadblocks are massive, and unncessarily prohibitive. There is a REASON a third party hasn’t won an election since Teddy Rosevelt, and a REASON the TeaParty hasn’t established itself as an independent party. If you have to make a supreme court constitutional challenge to have your votes counted, then there is something wrong with the system, and thats the electoral college. The reason they extablished the College in the first place is we were representing a largely illiterate society that had no resources to vote. This is changed, almost all American citizens have high school degree’s, and we COULD if we so chose, allow them to vote through any internet connection available to them. Its time we went to a straight popular vote for president in this country.

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