The News Feed: Dictator difficulties, and, the Alaska Airlines Center


The News Feed: Dictator difficulties, and, the Alaska Airlines…


It’s hard being a modern dictator. Always having to deal with civil rights groups and their new modern forms of communication. Confound you internet; so much to censor but so little time!

While the dictator’s plight might be a little more difficult for someone in the United States to sympathize with, William Dobson in his book The Dictator’s Learning Curve explores how modern authoritarian leaders have adapted to the times. In our interview with Dobson we explore how both these authoritarian states work and how democratic opposition groups respond to them. Also in the program, we take a look at the Alaska Airlines Center. It has been almost a semester since its opening but are students really getting the money’s worth from the 100 million dollar plus arena? Check it out in the link below.


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