Listen | The Kooks


Listen | The Kooks

By Wright Franklin
KRUA Music Manager

sep-2-the-kooks-listen-400x400Just as British and just as awesome as ever, The Kooks have made their triumphant return with “Listen”, their fourth studio album. Seemingly more in touch with their sound than ever, the pop sensibility on this album is impeccable and this record might be The Kooks’ strongest yet. There is not a bad track on this record, and both the tightness of the band and Luke Pritchard’s voice are clearer and stronger than ever.

The opening track, “Around Town” is an explosive, strutting, church-like pop symphony. “Forgive and Forget” and “Westside” are both sunny and funky, and the former sounds like a modern take on ’60s rock, with a dash of disco influence. The most emotional song on “Listen” is definitely “See Me Now,” one of The Kooks’ most melancholy songs, in the form of a letter to a father who has passed away. Even at this sad moment in the album, the music sounds joyous and exuberant.

The second half of “Listen” is an eclectic mix of sounds. “Down” starts off with a gritty vocal line, transforming into a jumpy and fun track, followed by the smooth ballad “Dreams”. “Are We Electric” and “Sweet Emotion” are some of the strongest tracks on the album. You have to conclude after hearing “Listen” that The Kooks are just a really great band, with a tried and true sound that so far, they have managed to keep unique and meaningful.


Track List:

1. Around Town
2. Forgive and Forget
3. Westside
4. See Me Now
5. It Was London
6. Bad Habit
7. Down
8. Dreams
9. Are We Electric
10. Sunrise
11. Sweet Emotion

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