Pleasure | Feist

Pleasure | Feist Review by James Kendall Here’s a short review of Feist’s Pleasure, taken from Edge Essentials Episode 2 (7.7.17).   Tracks used in the review: “Any Party” & “Pleasure.” Here’s the music video for “Century,” which is my favorite track off the album. This video is also a contender for my favorite music video of the Read more about Pleasure | Feist[…]

2016 Atomized | The Raveonettes

2016 Atomized | The Raveonettes Review by James Kendall “Every month throughout 2016 we’ll be dropping a freshly recorded track. Taking you on a ride, potentially schizophrenic & disjointed, potentially cohesive and related,” said the Raveonettes about what would later become their latest album, 2016 Atomized. I would say it is all of the above; a solid Raveonettes Read more about 2016 Atomized | The Raveonettes[…]

The Switch | Emily King

I was about to diligently think about homework when this came on. You know those montages in the movies that blissfully skim through each season? Or the one in Dirty Dancing when Baby finally gets the hang of the things? When my life story is turned into a film, I want this music backing it!  Even with my effortless grace and lightning hand-eye coordination, it Read more about The Switch | Emily King[…]

Kerala | Bonobo

Bonobo’s giving us a new album come 2017! Our music manager, James, showed me this video a bit ago and we love it! I’ve had it on repeat every day. The video is full of supernatural Easter eggs and demands 10(0)+ views. I had no idea he was releasing new stuff, a testament to my zealous Read more about Kerala | Bonobo[…]

Give It to Me | Lyrica Anderson

Everyone once in a while I will come across a song that makes me want to get out my chair and grace the world with two solid minutes of exotic body rolls. OK, maybe I’m being a little dramatic. However, Lyrica’s newest single is definitely on my playlist entitled #REPEAT. I was first introduced to Read more about Give It to Me | Lyrica Anderson[…]

Vol. 1 | H.E.R.

“I’ll make time because you’re worth it, fall back when you don’t deserve it and I’ll start losing patience when my effort’s being wasted.” – H.E.R (Song Tittle – Losing) When mystery married misery, we got the newest EP from H.E.R. This EP is a mixture of emotions one feels while in a relationship. There’s Read more about Vol. 1 | H.E.R.[…]

Trampoline | Papooz

I ate breakfast and listened to Papooz not but two days ago. My life is amazing! Their new EP is chill AF and high-energy. Like Mac DeMarco’s beachy buttery silliness  but all French and no Canadian. This duo is one of my favorite finds of the semester and now they have some new stuff. Pip pip!