KRUA Newsletter Issue #2 – February/March

In Issue # 2, KRUA reflects on February and March. Included in the issue is the broadcast schedule, volunteer of the month, staff picks, KRUA events and calendar, and staff updates! Check out Issue # 2 here: KRUA Newsletter February March Issue #2

Staff Picks: August ’17

WHOSE READY FOR ANOTHER GREAT SEMESTER?! All of here at KRUA sure are! Or at least we’re doing a good job pretending to be… Anyways, this is what’s on our end-of-summer playlists 🏝️   Wright Franklin – Station Manager Jay Z – 4:44 Jay Z’s 13th studio album has proven to be a classic in my rotation already. Read more about Staff Picks: August ’17[…]

The Sound of Music

Music plays a big part in Alaskan culture. From the heavy metal scene to Salmonfest, music is a quick find in Alaska. At the foundation of the music scene are dedicated teachers who inspire young people to pick up an instrument. I sat down with Monica Letter, the operator of Girls’ Rock Camp Alaska, to talk about her experience Read more about The Sound of Music[…]

Staff Picks November 2015!

Welcome back to Staff Picks! It has been a (long, long) while since the last Staff Picks update, so we hope that these amazing albums make up for it. Rococode – Panic Attack by Dylan Blankenship, News Reporter This is a quirky little something from the delightfully named Rococode, a boy/girl duo hailing from Vancouver Read more about Staff Picks November 2015![…]

Live In-Studio with The Well Pennies

Reporter Dylan Blankenship has been at it again. Thursday he was live in the KRUA studio with husband-wife folk duo The Well Pennies, along with the rest of their musical gang, to talk about their 2015 album release, their first experience in Alaska, and to hear a few wonderful tracks that they performed live for Read more about Live In-Studio with The Well Pennies[…]

Midnight Snack | Homeshake

Nearly every promotional album that KRUA receives comes with an insert or sticker extolling its virtues. I do my best to ignore these often-deceptive, always-flowery pseudo-descriptions and form a complete judgment of the album by myself before looking at it. I happened to glance down at a sticker this week and nearly choked on the Read more about Midnight Snack | Homeshake[…]

Silicon – Personal Computer

Technology. Communication. Emoji. The main ingredients of Silicon’s “Personal Computer” mirror the obsessions of today’s youth. Necks constantly bent down, looking at their phones in anticipation of a notification, a lifestyle which Silicon simultaneously lives and mocks without mercy. R&B and electronic are fused consistently throughout “Personal Computer” with funky bass lines and simple yet Read more about Silicon – Personal Computer[…]

Hembree – New Oasis

Have you been looking for an EP that completely encompasses the majority of KRUA’s music library? Well if you have, this is what you’ve been looking for. Hembree’s EP “New Oasis” provides a relatively broad range of musical styles within the context of modern indie rock, and it does so in an incredibly short amount Read more about Hembree – New Oasis[…]

Our God is a Possum God | Silvertron Youth Choir

KRUA received a massive amount of Hip-Hop this week, which I am extremely excited about. It seems that traditionally, KRUA has treated Hip-Hop as more of a side show than a main attraction, but I hope to show the station and the listeners a new side of Hip-Hop. The album up for today’s review is Read more about Our God is a Possum God | Silvertron Youth Choir[…]