The Silicone Veil | Susanne Sundfør


The Silicone Veil | Susanne Sundfør


Norwegian artist Susanne Sundfør’s new album The Silicone Veil is a fantastic new album, perhaps one of the best this year. The songs are different in composition, yet Sundfør manages to hold them together with a dark brooding mood. On one album, she successfully combines folk, pop, ambient electronics and rock- and sometimes, she does it in the same song. The title track, “The Silicone Veil” starts off with a long, slow acoustic folk intro. From there, it gradually transitions into a power ballad, and then through numerous other styles before settling into a Nine Inch Nails-esque dance-floor stomp of distorted noise. Sundfør’s strength as a songwriter shines through on these tracks. Somehow, songs transform and grow over the course of a few minutes into something different than what you started with. But there’s really no clear point of transition. Songs change completely, and you won’t notice until after it’s happened.

Although the entire album is strong, the clear highlight is the track “White Foxes”. Electronic noise waxes and wanes with Sundfør’s mysterious lyrics. “Hunger, hunger is the purest sin”. Her voice sounds deceptively plain. But as the song progresses, it becomes clear that she is powerful and versatile, capable of holding and playing with extremely high pitches. This mirrors much of the album’s tracks- a slow start, building into a series of surprising climaxes.

It’s dark, it’s different and it’s new- Susanne Sundfør’s The Silicone Veil is an album you ought to have.

4/5 stars.

By KRUA Volunteer Max Jungreis

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