Surprising Seawolf Comeback Is Not Enough to Defeat Missouri State

Surprising Seawolf Comeback Is Not Enough to Defeat Missouri…

Seawolves Travis Thompson (Image taken from

While the Seawolves were able to climb out an early point deficit with the Missouri State Bears, the Division 1 Bears still managed to end up on top. The final score in the Men’s Seawolves’ second game in the Shootout was 55 to 51 in favor of the Bears.

The Missouri State team was able to strike a commanding lead of 12 to 3 in the first 7 minutes of the second half. However a three pointer from UAA’s Kevin Bowman turned things around as the UAA gained ground in the final five minutes of the period. The Seawolves were able to climb from 12 points to end the half 22 to 25 against the Bears.

In the second period, UAA quickly retaliated and evened the score with a three pointer from UAA’s Travis Thompson. For the rest of the game UAA kept the score relatively even with their opponents and even edged a solid lead through the first half of the second period.

What resulted was a stalemate with each team gaining little ground on each other as the time began to dwindle. In the last two minutes a dunk from MSU’s Boone Caymn evened the score 49-49 and a couple of two pointers from MSU finally allowed to team gain a lead on UAA.

A final layup from UAA’s Christian Leckband brought a tie or UAA victory within the realm of possibility as the last few seconds drained away but a fowl from Brian McGill allowed for MSU’s Dorrian Williams to gain 2 free throw points. As the clock ran out, this cemented UAA’s defeat and the final score of 51-54 against the MSU Bears.

The Seawolves now have a chance for 7th Place when they play the loser of the Rice-Washington Game on Saturday at noon.

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