Sunburns | Low Hum


Sunburns | Low Hum

If you’re one of those who believes that the summer is simply a state of mind, then look no further than Low Hum. The solo project of Collin Desha, who was a member of notable local act Vanaprasta/Sun Drug, Low Hum adopts vintage-sounding synths to an otherwise low-slung groove that turns more and more anthemic as it rolls along. This feeling is captured perfectly on his first single “Sunburns”, a fitting ode to his love for the ocean that seems to exist in a perpetual reverie. – The Deli

Here’s his latest beach-inspired single, “Sunburns,” which was released via Hit City U.S.A.

“‘Sunburns’ for me, is about experiencing the vibrancy of the beach scene in Southern California — its allure and ultimately the thrill of taking a chance on love found there.”

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