Dylan Blankenship

Station Manager

Mr. Blankenship has a fancy car, but trust us, he is a nice person. Dylan's voice is a Class IV Controlled Substance and should be listened to with caution lest dependency form. Until he started working at the station, Dylan "didn't enjoy Cheetos"; today he is considered the Office Miracle™. There is no better person this side of the Mississippi to promote your UAA organization on 88.1 FM, so do not hesitate to leave a note on his toaster if you need help.

Kendall Stormo

Production Director

Kendall is a celestial vertebrate, dispatched on a mission from the cosmos to create better public service announcements. She is the one who appears to the lost stranger in a woodland clearing, reassuring them calmly that this message is brought to you by KRUA 88.1 FM Anchorage Alaska. Do not be alarmed if she accompanied by a friendly moose or two. Kendall is diligently organized, so much so that she has been bestowed with the title “Empress of the Subfolder”. When Kendall is not at the office, you can find her enjoying a nice cup of tea and waiting for the next season of Broad City. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Rihanna!

June Younkins

Volunteer Coordinator

You know when June is in the office because her hybrid aircraft takes up 40 parking spots at PSB and that is the reason why there is no parking at UAA. Don’t blame her though! She can train 20 volunteers while speaking Japanese at once, and our volunteers become the face of Jukebox radios. In the hot June summers, June likes to take a solo kayaking trip from Alaska to the Galapagos Islands and ride ostriches throughout the Amazon. June is a huge help around the office. She will always e-mail volunteers reminders about upcoming events and hangs up a bunch of flyers around campus making students aware of Betsy, the missing cow. Don’t make June angry or she’ll make you listen to “It’s a Small World” for 8 hours straight. For now, she is slowing covering the office in Post-it notes. By the end of June’s era, the KRUA office will turn into a Post-It note museum. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at KRUA, June is your girl! Her only line of communication is Post-It notes.

Sharisse La Belle

Program Director

Since Sharisse joined the ranks of KRUA, things have been more coordinated than ever. In response to the many inquiries, we are pleased to announce that the volunteer ballet is getting better and better every day. The costume delay is expected to be resolved soon, now that the sequins have finally shipped. If you are new to KRUA, Sharisse can get you started. She's got it all: forms, handbooks, emails, positive affirmations, several Post-It notes, 10 gel pens, 14 micron pens, you get the idea. She is here to answer any of your questions about volunteering at KRUA. For example, if your question is: "Can I borrow one of your micron pens?" you can send her an email and she will probably say "Yes, and please return it".

Gina Hays

Marketing & Underwriting Coordinator

If you need proof that Gina can rock a pair of spectacles, look no further than her face! But enough about her resume. Besides seeing real good, Gina runs an Instagram account in which she photoshops herself into all of KRUA's old photos. The account has gained over 280k followers including a Taye Diggs fan account and a Chihuahua who does yoga. This does not go to her head, though, because she did it all to use what our social media was missing (it was Gina). Like the marketing coordinator before her, Gina's laugh is a turbine of fun times. Gina could sell Nickelback CDs to Chad Kroeger. For now though, she is on a quest for station sponsorships.

James Kendall

Music Manager

James has heard your music and has a thing or two to say about it, if you're lucky. As Music Manager, he maintains KRUA’s rotation for the airwaves. Without his efforts, 88.1 FM would return to its sustained broadcast of the studio fish tank, which has honestly been pretty boring since our beta was relocated. James possesses a taste so refined, he knows if a CD contains any bangers within 15-20 seconds of licking it (45 seconds for cassette tapes). Music promoters from across the nation wait patiently each week for James to proclaim if their offerings please him or not. Feeble bribery won’t win him over. Try a sacrificial goat or two.