May 11, 2012

Meet the KRUA Staff


Wright Franklin

Station Manager

Ever since his new pair of glasses, Wright catches frequent glimpses into the future, so we trust him with everything. His brain is full of knowledge.

As KRUA’s Chief Operator, Wright makes, on average, three dozen lists per minute.

When he isn’t fixing things around the studio, Wright escapes into the worlds of art and Vietnamese noodle soup.

On a more personal note, Wright has never owned a yellow car. He doesn’t wish to discuss the matter.

His two dogs, Tank and Kilo, attest that he is “an upstanding citizen” and “bork bork”.

Wright promises to get a unicorn-wearing-sunglasses tattoo if he hears 5,000 decent jokes before 2018.

All one-liners and bad puns should be delivered in person to PSB 254 but can be left via voicemail if you must.

Jeanette Sweetman

Program Director

Jeanette Sweetman is a hologram from the future reminding you to floss. Critics commend her frequent use of turn signals and general compliance with the law.

She is working for her BFA in Photography here at UAA, with a liberal peppering of French studies. Jeanette can be found avoiding allergens and thinking of things to put hot sauce on.

If you are a shiny new volunteer, Jeanette will show you how to push buttons and appease the Federal Communications Commission. Jeanette can shout with the power of two lungs, so if you’re a shiny old volunteer, you’d best be following the rules!

Dylan Blankenship

Production Manager

Mr. Blankenship has a fancy car, but trust us, he is a nice person.

Dylan’s voice is a Class IV Controlled Substance and should be listened to with caution lest dependency form.

Until he started working at the station, Dylan “didn’t enjoy Cheetos”; today he is considered the Office Miracle™.

There is no better person this side of the Mississippi to promote your UAA organization on 88.1 FM, so do not hesitate to leave a note on his toaster if you need help.


Joshua Bezona

Marketing & Underwriting Coordinator

The day Josh was born, there was enthusiastic yet tasteful dancing across the Northern Hemisphere for eight consecutive days.

Josh is proud to own over three cool shirts, but he stays humble. Josh is one of KRUA’s most distinguished Hufflepuffs – when he laughs, any Wifi in the area goes 20% faster.

As the Marketing Guru™ here at the station, Josh can do pretty much anything, such as open an email or recite the first half of the alphabet.

Good Sir Bezona doesn’t enjoy spicy food, so for the love of all things holy, please do not send a jalapeño or even a mild anaheim to his home address.

AJ Colding

Volunteer Coordinator

AJ coordinates volunteers with the finesse of Stravinsky. They have been rehearsing for months, so be sure to attend the Annual Volunteer Ballet.

With each email he sends comes a touch of grace, with each event scheduled the Google Calendar whispers “excellent”.

If you find yourself being brought to tears for no apparent reason, it is likely because AJ is singing somewhere and moving you beyond belief.

AJ is the person that processes your paperwork to get involved here at the station, so be extra nice to him or suffer the consequences (a series of riddles by way of limerick).

James Kendall

Music Manager

James has heard your music and has a thing or two to say about it, if you’re lucky.

As Music Manager, he maintains KRUA’s rotation for the airwaves. Without his efforts, 88.1 FM would return to its sustained broadcast of the studio fish tank, which has honestly been pretty boring since our beta was relocated.

James possesses a taste so refined, he knows if a CD contains any bangers within 15-20 seconds of licking it (45 seconds for cassette tapes). Music promoters from across the nation wait patiently each week for James to proclaim if their offerings please him or not. Feeble bribery won’t win him over. Try a sacrificial goat or two.


Max Jungreis

News Reporter

Max could be human. Should we tell him the truth? He has a black belt in knitting from the University of Phoenix. Max is hungry for the news and nothing else (but has been previously enticed by breakfast cereal).

At the dawn of each day he cross-examines both of his shoes, in case they discovered any hot leads in the dead of night. Max has been laboriously studying pigeon calls for several years in an effort to intercept a notorious transcontinental messenger. He just has this hunch, okay?

Don’t be surprised if you see Max at the grocery store flaunting his press pass. One never knows what stories are whispered amongst organic produce.

Kendall Stormo

Production & Music Assistant

Kendall is new here, and we’re paying her for goods and services… but we’re still figuring out exactly what those are…

We do know, however, that she prefers Coca-Cola products and has no political statements planned out atm.

Grant Kniefel

News Reporter

Grant Kniefel is the type of person who wonders where all of his money goes as he buys $13 Starbucks coffee, but also can’t live without his 12 shot white mochas with caramel.

Grant is a measly freshman at the moment, who’s trying to figure out exactly what he wants to do with his life. His love of weird and bizarre music has led him to host his own radio show on KRUA. He’ll often play Neutral Milk Hotel, The Walters, and Coldplay on any given show.

When not falling asleep in the studio, Grant writes plays about crazy people in an attempt to give others a glimpse of his soul that won’t scare them off. He is everyone’s least favorite degenerate hobo, but we keep him around anyway. We have faith that he’ll figure it out.