Staff Picks: November ’16


Staff Picks: November ’16


This month’s Staff Picks features some Pop, R&B, French Psychedelic Rock, Contemporary meets Classical, Punk Rock and some Neo-Psychedelia Hip-Hop.


Wright Franklin – Station Manager

Francis & the Lights – Farewell, Starlite

My pick is “Farewell, Starlite” by Francis & the Lights. This album is so weird, it sounds like Justin Vernon and Kanye’s love-child (both of them are on this project as well hehe). But more… happy? Lots of synths and bubbly sounds and LOTS of autotune. LOVE IT!


James Kendall – Music Manager

La Femme – Mystère

J’adore La Femme! As someone pursuing a French minor (the educational-degree kind), I can’t help but love La Femme’s Mystère. It sounds like a soundtrack for French surfer bros, and that’s a goodthing. It’s full of fun, surf-rock and synthpoppy tracks that just make French sound so damn cool. Checkout “Où Va Le Monde,” “Elle Ne T’aime Pas,” and “Exorciseur.” Bonne écoute (happy listening)!


Adrian “AJ” Colding – Volunteer Coordinator

JoJo – Mad Love.

Oh-My-Musical ears!

It has been ten years since we got a full length album from singer JoJo and I am ecstatic about this album! Unlike most teen stars, JoJo didn’t want to go through the rebellious phase in her career. She refused to ‘take her clothes off’ or take on that bad girl persona, so in return she got put on the shelf and couldn’t get out of her seven album contract she signed. Between the release of her second album “JoJo” and now, Joanna was fighting a never ending battle of politics within the music industry. She released EP’s and different covers on SoundCloud, however the wait is officially over. This album showcases a more mature, sexual, and passionate JoJo. Even though it’s been 10 years, this album definitely solidifies her in today’s industry. I am personally proud of JoJo also because most wouldn’t have taken the moral route she took. However, it is starting to pay off. I highly recommend this album.

Some of my favorite tracks: “Music”, “I Can Only”, “F*** Apologies”, “Edibles”, “Reckless”


Jeanette Sweetman – Program Director

C Duncan – The Midnight Sun

C Duncan is a Glasgow artist raised by two classical musicians. He studied music composition at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Today, he brings elements from the classical and contemporary world together for a seriously dreamlike sound. His inspiration is drawn from architecture, which he paints for his album artwork. He just released his second album, The Midnight Sun, which is lovely, low key and perfect for winter. Is it folk? Electronica? A choir of Scottish mermaids? If you are a fan of that mossy Alt-J weirdness, I’d check out this dude.


Dylan Blankenship – Production Manager

Goodbye June – Danger in the Morning

If your lips are the devil, then I’m going to hell”

In their debut album, Danger in the Morning, Goodbye June introduces you by reaching through your car stereo and forcing your foot down on the accelerator. It is, without debate pure Rock. No synths, no studio work, the kind of music that is not deceptive. Hearing them live is the same as listening to their album. It’s not polished, it won’t be played at your Starbucks, but damn is it good, the music is a real as their lyrics are. Basically its f*** yeah summed up in one album. With the exception of their song Darlin which frankly makes you feel things you have not felt since your first love.


Joshua Bezona – Marketing & Underwriting Coordinator

The Avalanches – Wildflower

After a cold, dark 16 years, our favorite Australian DJ’s, the Avalanches, give us light once again with Wildflower! The Avalanches use bits of old sound recordings to make their music and some have said it’s like they’re “assembling mosaics,”  but mosaics that have no physical being and float through the airwaves and find their way into your ear-holes to BLOW YOUR MIND. Danny Brown, Biz Markie, and Toro Y Moi are just some of the guest vocals on the album. I wanted to include the video to the If I Was A Folkstar audio, but this music video is a trip.

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