Staff Picks: July ’17


Staff Picks: July ’17

We’re packing our bags and headed out to go camping! There’s Forest Fair out in Girdwood this weekend (7/7 – 7/9) and the Crow Creek Mine Summer Concert Series is also happening this Monday — and every Monday from now until forever (forever: 8/28/17)! This is what we’re listening to on the road:

Wright Franklin – Station Manager

Young Thug – Beautiful Thugger Girls

Originally titled Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls, the thirst for this album was real. Almost one year since Jeffery, Young Thug’s head-turning 8 song mixtape, this album is a welcome return for the Atlanta rapper. BTG is a very dynamic album, full of guitars, unexpected instruments, hypnotic beats, and crooning from Thug. My favorites are “For Y’all”, “You Said”, and the unexpected country vibe of the opening track, “Family Don’t Matter”. Yeehaw!



Joshua Bezona – Marketing & Underwriting Coordinator

Kevin Morby – City Music


“Kevin Morby’s captivating fourth album feels spacious and intimate at once. It possesses an elegant, dusky atmosphere and Morby’s hopelessly optimistic songwriting is the best it has ever been.” – p4k

I wholeheartedly agree with you Miss Laura. There aren’t too many albums out there that I can sit down and enjoy thoroughly from start to finish – this is one of those albums.

It was the last festival I’ve ever been to, FYF down in LA, where I had first fallen in love with listening to this dude sing. I was with one of my closest friends and while we were there, we simultaneously transformed into two tired, grumpy old (wo)men. We were over the scene.. but we had paid a ton of money to be there so gosh dang it we were going to enjoy ourselves… from the beer garden. I was leaning on the fence, sweating my ass off and enjoying my beer when Mr. Morby took the stage. His sophomore album, Still Life, had just been released and just two songs in to the show, I was overwhelmed with joy and the old grumpy lady curse that fell over me had been lifted. Without a doubt one of the best sets I’ve ever seen.

“Really, Morby’s city is a stand-in for a heart, for community; his band’s nuanced interplay is living proof of the fact that he knows how good it feels to be part of something bigger than yourself. He sings about the childhood friends who bring out your best parts, about how we’re all made up of the people who pass through our lives, however briefly, and wishes for laughter, dance, freedom and connection for everyone. It’s hopelessly naïve and optimistic, which is what makes it so beautiful, particularly now. It’s not hard to hear City Music as a lament for lost innocence, a pledge to maintain optimism and humanity at a time when those qualities don’t just feel like vestiges of youth, but of some better civilization that’s rapidly disappearing. In his best album yet, Morby makes a prayer out of the squall.”



AJ Colding – Volunteer Coordinator


At this point in life, having control is something we thought we have all mastered. Well when you really sit down and think about it we have the least bit of control over anything in our lives. Rather it’s my career, love life, or my internally vocal insecurities; I come to figure out the biggest attribute in life that I lack is control. My staff pick for July is SZA’s newest album, CTRL.

On this album, SZA speaks directly to us millennials.

“That is my greatest fear,

That if, if I lost control,

Or did not have control, things would just , you know

I would be… fatal”

Since I could literally speak to all 14 tracks on the album, I will highlight one of my favorites.

Maybe it’s just me, but I rarely know anyone who is 100% committed to their partner. Call it what you want, but we are all humans and we all are curious and even Jay-Z cheated on Beyonce so who are you to even think your man/woman should be 100% faithful. I guess this is me telling all y’all just to get comfortable with sharing, because after all; Sharing is caring (insert shoulder shrug emoji).

SZA’s sixth track on her album is titled ‘The Weekend’. This song is the side chick/dude anthem. I am a very honest person and I will even admit to knowingly playing the side role (sorry mom!). However, in this track SZA speaks to the obvious.

“You say you got a girl, how you want me? How you want me when you got a girl? The feelin’ is wreckless…”

SZA goes on to explain how his girlfriend can keep him Tuesday-Friday, while she keeps him satisfied on the weekend. They girlfriend is like 9 to 5 and SZA is the weekend.

It is such a taboo that we have to remain faithful and there is so much pressure to be the perfect couple and live the perfect life however in reality even a blind man has a wondering mind.  SZA instantly became my favorite song writer after hearing this track. When it comes to songwriting for me I love and appreciate anyone who can tell a story in a different way. With R&B music we always hear about the guy who is sorry, or the bitter battered woman who is hurt because he cheated, but we never hear from the side chick. Im not saying SZA is giving the side pieces a voice, but I am saying that she is sharing the perspective of the side piece. I’m not her for love or compassion. I have needs and so do you, let’s do this but let’s be adults about it. When we are done, life goes on. See you next weekend!

Rate: 5/5 music notes



James Kendall – Music Manager

Amber Coffman – City of No Reply

I love this album! One of the vocalists from Dirty Projectors quit the band and went solo and this is the result. I reviewed this album on Edge Essentials, checkout the review here. Here’s my favorite track from the album, “Dark Night.”


Dylan Blankenship – Production Manager

Rad Horror – Sad Boy

So this jewel came out last month, for you time travelers that’s June 2017. Listen to this song and you can be that person who says, “I’m not a hipster but I totally heard this before it was popular.” Mark this humble Production managers words, this song will blow up. Either that or I am just very biased. How could you not be? Rad Horror sings you an all too relate-able ode to modern pain. The uncomfortably numb existence the 21st century wrapped up in a catchy existential tune that too will vanish with time. So enjoy it why it lasts.


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