Staff Picks: January ’17

Staff Picks

Staff Picks: January ’17

There is so. much. music. coming out this year to look forward to, and some of our favorites have already been released! Check out what we’re listening to below.


Jeanette Sweetman – Program Director

Bonobo – Migration

This is Bonobo’s sixth studio album. It was highly anticipated, and now it is here, etc. He gave us a pretty energetic single, Kerala, a few months ago, but this album follows through in a more subtle direction. I foresee myself becoming attached to its slow builds and cinematic moodiness. Migration refines Bonobo’s characteristic use of bowstrings and harp beyond his old bouncy tracks. Though it’s a more somber album, he certainly hasn’t abandoned the ability to make us dance. There are new collaborations with Rhye and Nick Murphy (Chet Faker), to name a few. Exploring themes of identity, home, and displacement, Migration travels across the globe for sounds in Ontario and Bambo Koyo Ganda (easily standout tracks). Bonobo has elevated his sound to a new level of maturity that comes with mastery. I will always love his playful tracks but am completely enthralled by his new release! Electronica is in good hands. Note: the music videos/artwork have been nothing but outstanding.



Adrian “AJ” Colding – Volunteer Coordinator

Noah Cyrus – Make Me (Cry)

Noah Cyrus’ dark, raspy, mysterious sound had me do a double take at my phone when I first heard the song. At first I thought it was a new Miley Cyrus song and I automatically loved it because I am personally a huge fan of Miley Cyrus’ voice. When I saw the name Noah, I had to google her to confirm relation to the Cyrus legacy. Noah, not only sounds like her older sister but she also looks just like her too. Often singers are known for riding the coat-tail if their super star sibling. However, this isn’t the case for young Cyrus. Noah, proves she can stand on her own in her new single, Make Me (Cry) feat. Labrinth. The lyrics behind this song also resonate with where I am in my personal life right now, which gives me the intended connection to this song.


Joshua Bezona – Marketing & Underwriting Coordinator

Sundara Karma – Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect

Sundara Karma’s debut album has already dubbed them as British Indie Rock’s “next great hope,” and I have decided that they are also my next great hope. And, as their newest fangirl, I want you to know that they ARE SO GOOOD. From start to finish this album is amazing – it’s not just a some singles with filler songs in between, so give the whole thing a listen! My favorites are Flame, Happy Family, Deep Relief and A Young Understanding.


Dylan Blankenship – Production Manager

Father John Misty – Pure Comedy

It’s a little out there, but that is not so uncommon for Father John Misty. Released this month, Pure Comedy, is a poem first and a song second. The song delivers the timeless message about the folly of mankind, in something almost reminiscent of a rock opera. Which this DJ would love to see more of. Recommended for those nights with a bag of wine, and nobody to watch you lipsync.

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