Staff Picks: February ’17


Staff Picks: February ’17

Ahh February, the month of love… (thankfully it’s also the shortest month of the year) However, we are LOVING this year’s new releases! Here’s what’s keeping us warm this winter:

Max Jungreis – News Reporter

Flo Morrisey and Matthew E. White – Gentlewoman, Ruby Man

Americana music prodigy Matthew E. White and singer/flower child Flo Morrissey collaborate on this album of slickly-produced retro covers, reinterpreting classics into catchy indie pop. Highlights include Look At What the Light Did Now, Looking For You, and Grease. Includes covers of songs by Frank Ocean, the Velvet Underground, Little Wings, and George Harrison.



Wright Franklin – Station Manager

Kehlani – SweetSexySavage

My long-time musical crush and role-model Kehlani dropped her debut studio record last Friday, and I’ve been listening to it non stop. Honestly, every song on this album is amazing in its own way. I love the Aaliyah sample in “Personal” and the drums in “In My Feelings”. Check out “Advice” below:



Jeanette Sweetman – Program Director

Flamingosis – Bright Moments

Aaron Velasquez, or Flamingosis, got his name from a frisbee move coined by none other than a world freestyle frisbee champion (his dad). I’ve been pretty lax on the new releases of 2017 so far. Most days I just have this dude’s albums on. Bright Moments take 70s/80s funk on a nostalgic chillwave trip. He does a little bit of disco here, a little bit of salsa there. Bright Moments is optimistic, don’t let the title fool you.
10/10 excellent tunes to bask to come the end of winter



Adrian “AJ” Colding – Volunteer Coordinator

Big Sean – I Decided

So far, this has been the best month yet for four reasons!
First, its Black History Month. Second, Beyonce announced the pregnancy of my two little God siblings (Yes, I’m family). Third, it’s my birthday month! Fourth, Big Sean who happens to be my favorite rapper blessed me/us on 2/3/18 with his new Album I Decided. I’m loving the ride of emotions I am experiencing. I’m moved to tears, yet want to thrust my hips to the beat. There is an element in Big Sean’s music that creates this sense of euphoria. The melodies, his rapping style and the catchy hooks is what makes me a huge Big Sean fan. Big Sean is one of the best rappers out there in my opinion. This album was very anticipated and my ears are satisfied.
So much goodness, that I even deleted my previous staff pick to write about Big Sean’s new album. Just so I can let the people know, Big Sean ain’t playing with this one.
Recommended tracks: Bounce Back, Jump Out the Window, & Inspire Me



Joshua Bezona – Marketing & Underwriting Coordinator

the xx – I See You

I didn’t realize 5 years had gone by while waiting for this album to come out! I See You, the third album by the xx, attempts to incorporate everyone’s talents into a new version of their sound, one true to their roots but richer and more varied. Their most popular songs from this album are On Hold and Say Something Loving, but my favorite songs off this album are Replica, I Dare You and Performance.


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