Staff Picks: August ’17


Staff Picks: August ’17

WHOSE READY FOR ANOTHER GREAT SEMESTER?! All of here at KRUA sure are! Or at least we’re doing a good job pretending to be… Anyways, this is what’s on our end-of-summer playlists 🏝️


Wright Franklin – Station Manager

Jay Z – 4:44

Jay Z’s 13th studio album has proven to be a classic in my rotation already. Every song is so well-written and full of emotion. This album is a true example of hip-hop as poetry, and I think one of Jay-Z’s most endearing works. Coupled with the strange and meaningful visuals Jay has been releasing for each of the songs on the album, this is definitely one of the best albums of 2017.



Joshua Bezona – Marketing & Underwriting Coordinator

The Districts – Popular Manipulations

I had to pick between three different albums this month. There was Everything Now by Arcade Fire, Boo Boo by Toro Y Moi (go listen to my fav song: “Labyrinth“) and Popular Manipulations by The Districts.

I choose The Districts because not only did I listen to this album in full, I listened to their entire discography and became their latest and greatest fangirl.

This four-piece indie rock band from Pennsylvania sound like the hail from over-seas, but their hair cuts affirm their east coast roots. I loved the songs “Young Blood” from their 2015 album, A Flourish And A Spoil, and “Funeral Beds” from the 2013 album, Telephone, but there’s not one song that really stands out to me from this latest release – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s feel good indie rock album that’s easy to sing along to.



AJ Colding – Volunteer Coordinator

Charlie XCX – Boys

Boys-Charlie XCX

As I’m writing this I’m thinking to myself, AJ what is you doing baby?!?”

Oh well. Here it goes…

We all have those guilty pleasure songs and “Boys” by Charlie XCX is definitely one of mine at the moment.

Not because of the content, but because of the feel. The stylistic choices she made and the color of the song. The most popular songs of the 2000’s have approximately 1-3 word choruses. Boy’s fits right in with all the other hits just repeating the word “Boys” in harmony. The way the beat carries through on the verse demands the mandatory upper body bounce we all do in the car while driving. Definitely a good song to end the summer season with just in time for the cuffing season (winter/fall semester fling season).

5/5 stars for my baby girl Charlie XCX



James Kendall – Music Manager

Arcade Fire – Everything Now

So this is Josh… I know this is James’ Staff Pick this month because he had to fight Max and I over who got to choose this album. He, however, failed to send me his staff pick so I will tell you what I love about this album: Everthing. Everything Now (with the exception of the songs Peter Pan (sorry Max I know you like that song) and Chemistry) is a S O L I D album from start to finish and I probably listened to it (at least) 30 x in the first two weeks that it was out. If you put it on repeat it actually sounds like a never-ending album and I was A-Okay with that.
Infinite Now and Infinite_Now are probably my favorites right now, but they all have been.
Thank you, Arcade Fire. ♥️😭


**Check out James’ review of the album from Edge Essentials here.

Grant “The New Guy” Kniefel – Newest News Reporter

Mom Jeans. – Best Bud

Hi, I’m Grant. I’m the new guy. My first Staff Pick is one that I have had on repeat for a few weeks now. Best Buds by Mom Jeans is probably one of the best albums that came out of 2016. Most people haven’t heard of Mom Jeans, but with this they make a splash onto the punk pop scene. With rockin’ anthems like “Death Cup” and melancholy tunes like “Scott Pilgrim v. My Gpa,” this is among the very best in indie right now and I can’t get enough of it. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, Mom Jeans has created a modern classic and I can’t wait to see where they go with it.



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