They Want My Soul | Spoon


They Want My Soul | Spoon

By Wright Franklin
KRUA Music Manager

Spoon - They Want My SoulFame. Riches. Glory. Illuminati. “They Want My Soul”, the 8th studio album by Spoon is a record about a band facing all of these trials and tribulations. Okay maybe not the illuminati. But you have to admit, the title does sound a little suspicious. These guys – if they weren’t before – are at this point definitely rock and roll veterans. Always known for their straightforward songwriting, Spoon famously wrote a vindictive song for their previous A&R man, Ron Laffitte, who quit on them, titled “Laffitte Don’t Fail Me Now” in 1998. The lyrics and moods of the songs on this record are as honest as they were 16 years ago, admittedly now more poppy, and with the edges polished.

The staggering and heavy opener, “Rent I Pay” is the rockiest song on the whole CD, except perhaps the title track. This song actually doesn’t really vibe with the rest of the album, which consists a lot of slower-paced, groovier and moodier, nearly RnB tracks, such as “Inside Out”, “Knock Knock Knock” and “I Just Don’t Understand”. When Spoon are not exploring their sexier side, the fast-paced-but-still-soft tracks “Rainy Taxi” and “New York Kiss” really stand out and grab your attention. The band also embraces a lot of pop shenanigans on these songs, such as synthesizers and what sounds like either a drum machine or highly effected drums on the fifth track.

If you like Spoon when they are moody and brooding, this is the perfect album for you. Except for the title track, none of the songs are particularly cheerful. This record would sound amazing speeding down the coast on a rainy day after a dramatic breakup. Though it is not their sunniest, Spoon continues time after time to deliver consistent, smart and catchy music. They Want My soul is definitely not a disappointment on that front.


Track List:

1. Rent I Pay
2. Inside Out
3. Rainy Taxi
4. Do You
5. Knock Knock Knock
6. Outlier
7. They Want My Soul
8. I Just Don’t Understand
9. Let Me Be Mine
10. New York Kiss

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