March 22, 2011

KRUA Music


Did you just hear an amazing new song on the radio, and have a burning desire to know what it was? Let us know the time and date of the song(s) and any lyrics you may remember. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Please keep in mind that we are usually not able to give details about music played 10+ days ago.



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    • Hey Connor:

      Yeah totally.

      5:00pm: ‘April Fool’-Manchester Orchestra
      5:04pm: ‘Come With Me’- Ceo
      5:08pm:’Another Story’- The Head and The Heart
      5:12 pm:’ Baby Britain’- Elliot Smith
      5:17pm: ‘English House’- Fleet Foxes
      5:22pm: ‘Believe in Anything’- Wolf Parade
      5:26pm: ‘Ways to Go’- Grouplove
      5:30pm: ‘That’s When I Reached for My Revolver’- Mission of Burma

  • What was the song today with the repeated lyrics “some like it hot some like it cold”? It played Thursday at 8:00 am (May 17).

    • Alright,

      8:01AM: “Lifer”- Wye Oak
      8:04AM: “Before Sunrise”- Gengahr
      8:08AM: “Jesse”- Frankie Cosmos
      8:11AM: “Ride On/ Oshiya Dub”- Grand Analog
      8:16AM:” Almost Had to Start”- Parquet Courts
      8:20AM-“Now Only”- Mount Eerie
      8:26Am- “Make Me Feel”- Janelle Monae
      8:29AM- “Tired”-Moaning
      8:33AM- “Heart Killer”-Dr. Dog

  • The songs played between 7:25 and 7:45 on November 15th. I think the particular song I am interested was played before Eden Machine.

    • Hey Rebecca,

      Yeah totally!

      3:04PM- “Stream Running Over”- The Apples in Stereo
      3:08PM-“Sodium Vapor”-Lotus
      3:14PM-“Beverly”-Low Cut Connie
      3:18PM- “Hey, Did I Do You Wrong?” – San Cisco
      3:22PM- “Anna Muse”- Felix Rabito
      3:27PM- “Pop Song” – Theo Katzman
      3:31PM- “Driving Home”- Mesita
      3:35PM- “Idle Hands”- Matt Duncan
      3:40PM- “Come Into My Arms”- Lion Bark
      3:45PM- “Young Folks”- Peter Bjorn and John
      3: 47PM- “When You Were Mine”- Anchorage
      3:51PM- “This is an Adventure”- The Lighthouse and The Whater
      3:54PM- “Daylight”- Matt and Kim
      3:57PM- “Goodbye Baby”- The Walters

      4:01PM- “Pineapple Peak”- Mesita
      4:04PM- ” Popular Mercharics for Lovers”- Beulgh
      4:07PM- “Oh Mandy”- The Spinto Band
      4:10PM- “Energy”- The Apples in Stereo
      4:14PM-“Mom Jeans”- Heyrocco
      4:18PM- “Here Comes The Sun”-The Beatles
      4:21PM-“Riptide”-Vance Joy
      4:24PM-“Nellie”- Dr.Dog
      4:29PM- “If We Call Land A Man on the Moon, I Can Surely Win Your Heart”- Benlah
      4:33PM- “Teeth Shine”- The Lonely Biscuits
      4:36PM-“Hello Honey”- Ivory Hours
      4:40PM- “Soul Meets Body”- Death Cab for Cutie
      4:44PM-“Death of an Interior Decorator”- Death Cab for Cutie
      4:47PM-“A Lack of Colors”- Death Cab for Cutie
      4:51PM-“Benadryl Dreams”- Soccer Mommy
      4:44PM-“Low Rising”- The Swell Season

  • Actually, is there anyway to get the playlist from 8:30-9:15 am this morning 5/7/18?? All those songs were amazing!

    • Hey Shelley,

      Yeah totally!

      8:27AM- “Bus Broke Down”- Sheridan Fox
      8:32AM- “was in New York”- Sky Kids
      8:36AM- “Side Tracked”-Born Ruffians
      8:40AM- “Finally”- Franz Ferdinand
      8:43AM- “Ride On/ Oshiya Dub”- Grand Analog
      8:48AM- “Carrion”- Gengahr
      8:53AM- “For You Too”- Yo La Tengo
      8:57AM- “Feel The Love Go”- Franz Ferdinand
      9:02AM- “Lose it”- Danielle Duval
      9:05AM- “Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays”- Unknown Mortal Orchestra
      9:09AM- “Earth”- Mount Eerie
      9:15 AM- “Rosebud”- U.S. Girls
      9:18AM- “Deep Shadows (ft. Sadie Walker)”- Nightmares on Wax

  • There are two songs that played this morning, 5/7/2018
    first was at ~8:45 am hip hoppy beats that had a birthday reference and “dont worry bout a thing’ in the lyrics
    second was at 9:13 am a really sad song about a man losing his wife and singing about where he spread her ashes.

  • This song was played on Tuesday may 1st at around 1030 pm and the lyrics went “I’d really love to talk but I can’t right now” and they only seemed to play one chord but it was kind of a groovy, garage tune

    • Hey Jacob I cannot find the specific song you requested, but I will give you the list of songs we played from 10:20 to 10:30PM:

      10:21- “Dots” by Woodes
      10:25- “Nameless, Faceless” by Courtney Barnett
      10:28- “Now Only”- Mount Eerie
      10:34- “Make Me Feel”- Janelle Monae
      10:37- “Make You Better” -The Decemberists
      10:39- “Phantom Limbs” Boniface
      10:39- “Cry!”- Caroline Rose

      I hope this helps 🙂

  • What song played today, Friday, April 27, 2018 at about 7:55 in the morning sounding like “bring me (or take me to) the water”? Somewhat of an electronic sounding song. I almost thought it was David Byrne, but not quite.

  • On 4/10/18 around 1:45 pm. Lyrics were “what’s it all for, is it all for you. Can you learn to share? “Goth sounding electronic. Guy singing. Synthesizer,

  • Heard a song this afternoon, maybe between 2-3 pm. Kinda emo – like a cross between Death Cab for Cutie and Silversun Pickups. Shazamed it and saw the band name was a bunch of letters, like SHMTS, or something, but it’s not showing up in my list of Shazamed music. Help, please! Thank you!

  • There was a song i believe last week. It sounded like young thug and tyler the creator. Super chill beat with hard rap

    • That was “City Of No Reply” by Amber Coffman! I love that song! I reviewed the album on our show, “Edge Essentials” (see below).

      If that wasn’t it, the other songs that played around the same time were: “Scout” by the Raveonettes & “Blind” by Chris Bartles.

      Hope this helped!

  • Song yesterday (tuesday) around 11:30. Had lyrics about “leaves” “dying” “falling on ground” .

  • What was playing at 10:30 AM today (Tuesday July 11), sounded like Sufjan Stevens (or something similar), breezy-folk thing…

    • There was a Sufjan Stevens song playing at 10:30, but I wouldn’t call it breezy-folk… either way, we played:

      Saturn” by Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly, & James McAlister

      If that wasn’t it, let me know, I’ll dig more!

      • Unfortunately this is not it… I thought Sufjan too, very similar sounding voice, but is more folky/bluegrass almost like a ‘story song’….

  • There was a song earlier today by a woman. The only lyrics I can remember were “I just want to live my life”. It had a strong beat to it like a rock song. Do you know what this is? Thank you.

  • What song was playing at 12:58pm on 6/10? It was the last song before the 1:00 ad break and was an instrumental surf punk style, kind of like The Ventures or Bottle Caps for Dollars.

  • What was the name of the song that played on Tuesday 5/23 around 7:45pm? I think the chorus went something like, “baby, you were on my mind” or “baby, I cant get you off my mind.” It had the word baby and mind. It was such a beautiful song.

  • So I stumbled upon just blank music today and after I drove about running my errands, I can say I haven’t enjoyed the radio more than those two hours. The playlist was perfect and the commentary set it all up perfectly.

  • There was a rendition of “Smooth Criminal” this morning around 9:15 that sounded like it was being played on an organ or calliope. So great and funky! What was it?

  • Yesterday @ midafternoon 3ish, March 14? Orchestral funky beats with a foreign singer (japanese?). Sounded like full band and orchestra? thanks!

  • It played between 4:25-4:30 PM yesterday, Friday the 3rd. Had some good beats to it, nice trance stuff. Thank you!

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