March 22, 2011

KRUA Music


Did you just hear an amazing new song on the radio, and have a burning desire to know what it was? Let us know the time and date of the song(s) and any lyrics you may remember. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Please keep in mind that we are usually not able to give details about music played 10+ days ago.



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  • you think you know me but thats somebody else you call me up when you need a friend and i spend the night with you i see you standing there with that bleeding heart i felt it in my heart and my bones

    8:30 pm
    on this night

  • What song was playing at 6:55pm on February 3rd? It played just before “6th and 34th” by Wolfside. I couldn’t quite make out the lyrics, but I think one may be “I don’t need to breathe I just think back on times before”.

  • Hey! I heard this really awesome song today that i NEEDED to hear at exactly the right moment. The lyrics go “Baby you were born different, neglected my own health, too afraid to ask for help, my friends are my only health, nobody does it on their own.” It was right around 11:15 am! I would love to know what this song was so I can buy it please!! Thank you!

    • Hey! I heard this really awesome song today that i NEEDED to hear at exactly the right moment. The lyrics go “Baby you were born different, neglected my own health, too afraid to ask for help, my friends are my only health, nobody does it on their own.” It was right around 11:15 am 1/29/17! I would love to know what this song was so I can buy it please!! Thank you!

      ***My friends are my only wealth***

  • There was a song played around 5:30 on Jan 26th with lyrics something like ” sister sliding in her socks brother lost his job” I can’t seem to find it anywhere!

  • This morning around 6:42-7am. Relaxing male voice. Only words I can recall are “we weren’t ?????” and he said it twice in a row.
    Thanks in advance!

    • As far as relaxing voices go, that might have been Little Bubble by the Dirty Projectors

      Or Dirty Looks by Matt Pond PA, which I can’t find a link for!

      • It played again today around 4:25PM. I told myself to look it up when I got home but forgot. Haha. And now all I can remember is his singing a chorus of “This is ??????” 3 times in row.

  • There was a song on around 9:30am on Thursday (5 Jan) morning. Male vocalist. Part of the chrorus is “…how you say what you say…how you do what you do….”. Wish I had more, but that’s all I remember other than singing those lines the rest of the day.

  • Today on Elliott’s show, the third-to-last song, around 4:55 maybe. I can’t remember a single unique lyric from it right now… I remember he called it “dense”

    • Hey Matt,

      The last three songs he played in order were, “Boogie Man” by John Givez, “UNI” by Ed Sheeran, and “6 Foot 7 Foot” by Lil Wayne. Hope this helps!

  • There was a song on this morning around 6:30 or so, it was a female singer with a melodic background. Imagine if Crystal Castles had more melody and calm to them. Unfortunately the only lyric I can remember is something along the lines of “sing through the night to you” or something like that. It seemed to be a girl talking about a boy maybe? I can’t find anything online and would LOVE to add it to my hiking playlist. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  • Around 8:30-9:00 11/6/16 kind of an old school r&b sound with female vocals. I think lyrics were your so strange boy or something like that. Cool song, would love to know the artist.

  • There was a song playing 10-24-16 between 0630 and 0730 that sounded like an alternative rock song maybe similar to “helicopter helicopter”… don’t remember any of the lyrics. Maybe if I could get a list of songs played during that time? Thanks!!!

    • Just because that is a big chunk of time, here are the alt-rock songs that played during that hour:

      Human Performance – Parquet Courts
      Outside – Parquet Courts
      One Of Us – Dawes
      Let’s Relate – Of Montreal
      All We Ever Knew – The Head and the Heart
      Rebel Heart – The Shelters

  • Okay, so the song was on October 14th maybe around 4:00 p.m. All I remember now is it said “America” quite a bit during the chorus. Sorry, I know that’s super vague…

    Thank you so much & for playing awesome music.

    • The only mention of America I could find around that time was Untitled 08 by Kendrick Lamar. If we find anything else we’ll keep you posted. Thanks for listening!

    • That was Boolean Sisters by Peggy Suave.

      DJ Antimony’s show will be on the schedule soon, she spins some great electroswing!

  • It was a brooding instrumental song playing between 2:40-2:47 or so yesterday (10/5/16)… Had a Dark Ambient vibe with abstract female vocals. There was a host speaking prior to the song, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying.


  • There was a song at around 5:30 p.m. yesterday 10/1/16 that has an old time barbershop type quartet of guys singing and then the sample turned into a cool electro beat. Any help on finding out who this is by would be great! Thanks!

  • Before 7pm there was a song today (8/31) sung by a man and the chorus sais something about “there are tricks when you’re spinning a yarn” “twisting truths and fiction”. I also really liked the song immediately after that. Thanks you guys rock!

  • It was today (08-20-2016) At 10:37 AM with lyrics of a older boy saying “I can feel it… I feel it” & A girl saying something I couldn’t really hear. It was Kinda like Trap Electric Jazz mix??? Please Contact me ASAP Please & Good bye.

  • Would love your listeners to hear this superstar from Australia.Two hits so far and he will be a superstar.” Coming Back went Gold and this is Dean Ray Music latest “

  • 7/29 5:00 to 5:34 what songs were playing? Looking for two. One was like psychy pop the other one kind of mellow trip hoppy ambient

  • Song played between 4-4:30 today (7/04). Reggae-ish, indie style. I can’t really remember an actual line of the song but something about ‘stronger than I thought I was’ maybe. :-/ Anyway, Thanks for your help!

  • The song was playing around 8:22 in the morning on wednesday 06/29. The lyrics kind of goes like “j am coming for you. I still go along for you. I am calling out for you” something like that.
    I really wanna know this song. Help me out please!

  • Ok I’ve been wanting to find & listen to a techohop song with the voice of a girl saying “Some times I lose my M n d”.. Its Also i believe related to another song where they Boy & girl sing about getting “High” Like a love song or something like that Both are Tech hop kind of sound. Can you please help me with this????

  • it was a song that played sometime between 5:30am-6:30ish and the lyrics were like:hey spaceman are you ever coming home, hey spaceman.


  • Great song on Saturday 6/11. Lyrics said something about: “God gave you hands to build your own boat, God gave you feet to find your way home … sing the songs that you like singing” Any ideas on its title & artist?

    BTW, KRUA reminds me of my own show (Freak’s Flying Circus) on a US Navy station back in the 1970s. It was a great experience for me, and I’m sure that KRUA DJs value their air time. Keep up the fine work.

  • The only lyrics I recall are “I want to live in a modern world”. Sung by some women. About 8:10 pm or so, Sunday evening.

  • On 5/27/16 I heard a song at around maybe 6:00-ish with lyrics like “I’m in love with a monster and I don’t know why”. I’ve been trying to find the song but I just can’t!

    • Hi Jasmine!

      I’m unable to track down the exact song you’re looking for based on that information, but here is a list of tracks that played within 15 minutes of 6PM on May 27th:

      Tennis – Dimming Light
      Romes – When The Night Comes
      The Raveonettes – Sisters
      Hippie Sabatoge – Your Soul
      Miike Snow – Heart is Full
      Exmagician – Plan Retrieval

      Hope this helps.

  • This is ridiculous; DJs keep logs of the tracks you play during your sets, then post that on the site (text ideally). Or use the station’s Twitter acct – or your own – to breakdown your playlists. It’s radio DJ house-keeping / we all do it .. thanks.

    • We’re a student-run radio station and operate via automation during hours which there are no shows (which you can find on our Broadcast Schedule page), and as such there isn’t someone at the station at all times to cater to your requests. We are in the process of switching to a new webstreaming service that includes a song log. Thanks for your concern.

  • Played at about 8:15pm Wednesday 5/18. I’ve heard it a couple times but can’t find the title/artist on the internet, please help 🙂
    “my dear friends have been waiting for far to long for my return from this cycle of high highs and low lows”


  • Just heard a song at about 7:55 am on 5/11/2016. It was a hip hop song with these lyrics in it: “you just bout a brand new mclaren”.

    I can’t find this song. Please help!!!!

    • Hi Thomas, so sorry for the delay. Our logs showed no record of any songs playing at that time (but evidently one did as you heard it). Luckily, I know that one by heart! You’re looking for Kendrick Lamar – “untitled 02” off of his recent release “untitled unmastered”. The lyric is “Q just bought a brand new McLaren”.

      Thanks for listening!


  • I heard an electronic sounding song on Sunday May 8, 2016 at 2:30 pm. It had few if any words, as I remember. Can you list a few of the songs from that time so I can figure out which one it was? Thank you!

  • Girl voice Saying “Some times I lose… M?” “My mind?”… Played a few times late march early april… Techno electronic dubstep, pop… R&B… Now they is a new song which sounds like the same artist She says “Ill get you high” or something like that with a boy being FT…???? The first song I stated though thats the one im looking for If not just the artist…???

  • Sunday April 24 at about 10am. There were 3 songs. First one was some jazz/funk, then a poppy song followed by electronic. If I could get those song names that’d be awesome. You guys fucking rock.

    • There is a lot of stuff on the spotify shuffle so it’s pretty hard to tell exactly what’s playing
      Here are the best guesses i can give you.
      Jazz/Funk Artist name -Mezzo Forte OR it could be Jeff Lorber OR Victor Wooten
      Poppy song-I have no idea
      Electronic-Please be more specific here, there are alot of electronic songs on there!
      Thanks for listening!

  • Good beat, awesome jazzy sort of instruments, lady singing. Came on right after a discussion about interviews for online daters or something, around 2:50 pm I would guess. 4/21/2016

  • Some time the Week of December 6th 2015 between 4:45 to 5:15. Something about “You should have been there…. crashing on your couch….” then maybe something like heartbroken heartbroken heartbroken heart broke.

  • There was a guitar shredding like no other with a groovy kind of beat for a solid 2 or 3 min…I caught the end of it but there were some “la la la” for the only lyrics I heard then it cut out to like lennon for like couple seconds but the next song was Bob marley buffalo soldier dub mix…it was around 11am today! Saturday 4/16 Thanks for your help!!

  • heard awesome song with chorus seeming to say “im feeling again” on april 8 at about 9:40

    yes please

    also on april 7 heard a song seeming to say “i feel alive and I am healing slowly” sometime in afternoon about 2 pm

    any info appreciated!

  • Joel again. What song was played around 12:00 very drum intensive and was right before American Dream, American guest? Played today March 16 at around 12:00

    • Hey Joel, I volunteer at the station and right now our automated playlist is not on air due to technical difficulties. So we have a big Spotify playlist on shuffle. Unfortunately there is currently no conclusive way for us to tell you exactly what you heard at any given time. The best I can do is a screenshot of the playlist or an html file. Thanks for listening!

  • looking for a song, a male voice says “baby, this here is” followed by a female voice saying something that sounds like “honey”

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