Knock (EP) | Sister Girlfriend


Knock (EP) | Sister Girlfriend

Have you ever messed with a drum machine from the 80s? Or any keyboard made in the last 30 years? Of course you have, and since you have then you will be able to understand the genesis of this album. Sister Girlfriend’s Knock EP is like a sequined sport coat style peep show that represents Seattle’s synth pop scene. Dreamy keyboards lightly layered over drums and bass, with an occasional alto saxophone peeking through, most tracks on Knock EP make you want to get out of your seat and move your feet to the beat no matter the heat. Chromeo-like lyrics accompany the instruments appropriately, covering subject like love, lust and the loosening of inhibitions. Comparing it to the lascivious lyrics of R. Kelly may be going too far, but that modern R&B style has heavily influenced this album.

This album is perfect for a summer playlist with it’s carefree melodies and head bobbing rhythms. Even the drum fills are impressively simple and catchy. While it may be a relatively rough cut album (I mean come on, Sister Girlfriend is barely more than a group of friends in a garage at this point), it’s super catchy and enjoyable. This will definitely be getting airtime over the next few months. It is not a challenging album but I’m a little sick of the overly pretentious artists these days anyways. Find Sister Girlfriend on twitter @xxsistergfxx and give it a listen.

Favorite Track: Maginot Line

Final Rating: 8/10

Track list:

  1. Real Good
  2. Haunted By
  3. We Will Be Fine
  4. FM
  5. Maginot Line
  6. Old Enough To Know Better

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