Silicon – Personal Computer


Silicon – Personal Computer

08 29 15 Silicon - Personal Computer

Technology. Communication. Emoji. The main ingredients of Silicon’s “Personal Computer” mirror the obsessions of today’s youth. Necks constantly bent down, looking at their phones in anticipation of a notification, a lifestyle which Silicon simultaneously lives and mocks without mercy.

R&B and electronic are fused consistently throughout “Personal Computer” with funky bass lines and simple yet ethereal synthetic melodies. Silicon’s vocal style harkens back to the 80s with a hint of modern heartache, often having the melody follows the lyrics, or vice versa.

The first song “Personal Computer” begins with a somewhat jarring computer-like voice, but then draws in the listener immediately with fuzzy, comforting tones. The vocals are halfway between mumbling and shouting, another layer that adds to the immersive but disconnected feeling of the album. About halfway through, the song “Little Dancing Baby” emulates Jus†ice’s poppy electronic style, but then in “I Can See Paradise” the mood immediately returns to grimy electronics.

Interestingly, Silicon has created 29 painting of the album art which will be exhibited in London and New York. Apparently, if you want a “God Emoji” in your house, you can have it. If you are interested in eccentric, forlorn electronic music influenced by technology and the 1980s, check this out.

Rating: 5/5

Track List:

  1. Personal Computer
  2. Cellphone
  3. Submarine
  4. God Emoji
  5. Burning Sugar
  6. Little Dancing Baby
  7. I Can See Paradise
  8. Love Peace


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