In the Dark with KRUA

[Aired Originally Oct 3rd, 11 PM]

My Father’s Long, Long legs

a twine game by michael lutz

[ x ]

 Voice: Jessica Owens


[Scheduled Oct 8th, 11 PM. Did not air due to technical issues]

The Girl in the Photograph

a creepy pasta by author unknown


[ x ]

Voice: Niki Foster


[Aired Originally Oct 10th, 11 PM]

I Recieved an Email

A NoSleep reddit by inaaace

[ x ]

Voice: Micheal Notti

[Aired Originally Oct 15, 11 PM]

My Girl

A NoSleep reddit by SleepDeprivedPuppy

[ x ]


Voice: Ammon Swenson

[Aired Originally Oct 17th, 11 PM]

The House Of Rules

A CreepyPasta by author unknown

[ x ]

Voice: Jessica Owens

[Aired Originally Oct 22, 11 PM]

Free Wifi

A NoSleep reddit by rumcake_

[ x ]

Voice: Wright Franklin

[Aired Originally Oct 24th, 11 PM]

The Sandman

A CreepyPasta by Tam Lin

[ x ]

Voice: Kathleen McCoy

[Aired Originally Oct 29, 11 PM]

annie96 is typing…

A Story For Your Screen by Pascal Chatterjee

[ x ]


Madeline Hall as annie96

Micheal Stormo as mcdavie

[Aired Originally Oct 31th, 11 PM]

The Finale

Written by Connor Keesecker