KRUA is on-air 24/7. When we’re not playing amazing new music from our rotation, or giving you the newest news updates, we have DJs who go live on air to talk about important things. Their shows are the foamy top layer of cream on the top of the already delicious cup of coffee that is KRUA live.

Our shows consist of a variety of talk radio, national public radio series, and diverse music content that our skilled volunteers go through cages filled with wild animals, urrh, a lot of trouble to find. We are currently looking for more people to take on that wild and wonderful task, who will stop at no obstacle to expose their fellow men and women to what they need to hear.

Are you a musician, and want to come in and play for us live? Are you a gamer, and really enjoy talking about weird games? Do you love Swedish folk music that mimics the sound of goats dying, and feel a need to make everyone else listen to it too? KRUA may be the place for you. Check out our volunteer page, or our list of open positions, if you’re interested!