Meet Our Volunteers

AK Punk Radio

with DJ Dru 

Focused on 70s-90s punk, metal, and hard rock, AK Punk Radio brings you the choicest punk music – spanning from the classics to local music.



American Celtic Radio

with Cal Bowen

Bringing Celtic and world folk music to Anchorage for those familiar as well as the less familiar with the genre.



The Blues Edge

with David the Greybeard

The Blues Edge features contemporary and regional blues artists mixed with older more traditional ones.
The interface with other styles is also explored with forays into blues-related soul, gospel, rock and jazz.
David the Greybeard is a lifelong Alaskan.  He has hosted The Blues Edge on KRUA for over 16 years.
Music is his love and joy.



The Buffalo Soldier Show

with your host, Buffalo

Current events, and all types of music – including RnB, hip-hop and jazz.



The Chill Pill

with the one and only, Jazzman

Chill Pill Show – an infused overdose of laid-back, ambient, jazzy-electronica music with a hint of lounge and bossa nova. From your first hit, you’ll go away feeling better about yourself.
Jazzman brought his love for music in the unsung genres straight from the other great state of Texas long ago.  When he’s not distributing musical chill pills, you will find him at the local coffee shop –  kicking back with the latest Walter Mosley fiction novel in hand and a sixteen ounce steamy black Americano in the other.



Citrus Social Hour

with Jeanette, AKA Midnight Oats

Citrus Social Hour is a zesty boatload of fun – 95% crowd-pleasing music, 5% sort-of witty banter.




with AJ Colding



The Edge-istentialist

with… The Edge-istentialist ..

Edge-istentialism is a philosophy that emphasizes individual existence, freedom and choice – all while abiding by FCC guidelines. It is the view that humans define their own meaning of a radio station, and try to make rational decisions (like tuning in to KRUA) despite existing in an irrational universe.



Hooked Online

with Pat

Call-in radio program focused on listeners’ experiences with online dating, sites, successes, failures, and other personal experiences. Learn more about the host and the show here!




with Deb the Librarian

Informania provides inspiration and information about resources and opportunities at UAA. Interviews with faculty and staff from various departments, research tips, information about library resources, and information literacy.



Moody Judy Radio Hour

with DJ Wrighteous

Sultry RnB, old school and new school hip-hop and pop. For people driving down the highway on Saturday nights or maxin’ and relaxin’ in the bedroom.



Over the Edge

with Sean O’Hare

Based on the types of programs that some radio hosts offered back in the hayday of independent disc jockeys and interactive radio personalities in the 1970s.



Rock ‘n Roll Rampage

with DJ Sterling

Joseph AKA DJ Sterling first picked up his electric guitar at the age of 13. After hearing Van Halen while hanging around his dad, aspirations to become more like his new (and current) favorite guitarist Eddie Van Halen quickly arose. Growing up in a household of music made it easy for DJ Sterling to fall in love with guitar – and to ensure there was always (even if it was junker) a decent sound system in the car.

I’ve been with KRUA for almost a year as a DJ and love entertaining people. I was in the UAA Glee club for 3 semesters, have sung in church choir a lot since I was a kid, and love to jam with my recording gear. I am also attempting to write some music. When I jam I get some great sounding stuff (to me anyways) -it’s pretty basic but i really like it. i use music theory to  my advantage but I don’t get hung up on all the rules, to me if it sounds good that’s all that matters. Rules have loop holes in music. There are artists like Eddie Van Halen and Jimmie Hendrix who can put together a great sound by bending the rules a little.  I love power chords! my EVH guitar is ALWAYS in “Drop D” Tuning, I have a black belt in karate, an AAS in automotive technology, can do about 10 legit cartoon voices… let’s see what else -Pizza Hut pizza is the best, ok you get the idea. Use whatever you want from this. Oh ya, my dad plays the guitar a little and everyone in my immediate family sings, plays or plunks on the piano, and plays the guitar to some degree or another.



Slugg Tent Saga

with DJ Pleas

Where you can hear everything but the wilderness.



Trapped With a Cannibal

with Cannibal Steven

Tune in Thursdays from 9:00-11:00 PM to hear DJ Cannibal Steven on… Trapped with a Cannibal! There’ll be ambient electronic, French house, classical jazz, and a mixed bag of singles- not to mention musings on life, death, and the odd placement of VHS tapes in office bookshelves.



TechKnow Radio

with Dave Dehass, Dave Dannenberg and Josh the Intern

UAA’s premier technology talktainment radio show on KRUA. Find all episodes of previous shows here.