Golden Revolver | San Cisco


Golden Revolver | San Cisco

By KRUA Music Manager Felipe Godoy

Every fall, there are those standout records that, well, stand out! San Cisco’s newest album Golden Revolver definitely has the potential of being one of those awesome defining bands! Their fun upbeat near surf-pop (maybe boardwalk pop?) gives you no other choice but to dance. All hailing from Western Australia and having recently graduated from high school, San Cisco has been compared to bands such as Givers, Ra Ra Riot and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. For a relatively new band, this is exciting! More reminiscent of early Born Ruffians (minus Luke Lalonde’s distinctive shout singing) Golden Revolver combines straightforward feel-good melodies with acoustic guitar work without getting all “Never Shout Never” with it; a formula not many artists have successfully accomplished. With such a solid start, San Cisco is sure to grow into a powerhouse of fun, dancey summer jams during this cold Alaskan winter. Check out their lead single “Awkward.”



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