Green Language | Rustie


Green Language | Rustie

By Wright Franklin
KRUA Music Manager

52319Described as “happy trap”, Glasgow artist Rustie’s sophomore release, “Green Language” is certainly not like any electronic music you’ve ever heard before. This unique blend of EDM-style electronic, magically fused with the hip-hop stylings of trap and club music, is sure to make for an awesome soundtrack to a late night out and will be the last thing you want to hear when you’re hung over the next morning. The songs are an eclectic mix of party bangers with songs featuring the likes of Danny Brown and rippling, ambient glitch-pop explorations.

The features on this album range from outstanding to unlistenable. Track 5 “Up Down” is terrible, and would definitely go in the latter category. Danny Brown’s feature, “Attak” is somewhere in between, not because of the rapper himself (whose filthy rhymes are as well.. Danny as ever) but the ADHD and piercing instrumental. It’s just so grating. If Rustie had pitched down the synthesizers so it didn’t sound like a damn dog whistle, the song would be a lot more tolerable. Immediately after “Attak” is a swelling, epic, wave crash of an instrumental appropriately titled “Tempest”.

The next song, “He Hate Me” is meh, followed by my personal favorite, “Velcro”. The stuttering machine-gun like drums on here are so great, and it features an amazing beat drop that I actually didn’t have any idea was coming. This is the true beauty of “Green Language”. It’s unpredictable, unlike a large majority of modern electronic music, and it is clear that he is searching out unique and original sounds. If you are willing to dig through the sounds, there are some real gems in this album.


Track List:

1. Workship
2. A Glimpse
3. Raptor
4. Paradise Stone
5. Up Down (feat. D Double E)
6. Attak (Feat. Danny Brown)
7. Tempest
8. He Hate Me (Feat. Gorgeous Children)
9. Velcro
10. Lost feat. Redinho
11. Dream On
12. Lets Spiral
13. Green Language

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