Public Service Announcements Request Form

At KRUA we understand that many of our listeners stay involved in the community and we can help you get that message on air in the form of Public Service Announcements (PSA’s). Next time that you, your club, or your organization is holding a meeting (or hosting an event) we can create a PSA for you. A PSA is a great way to get that information to UAA students and the Anchorage community. Best of all: IT’S FREE!


Please keep in mind the PSA must be 30 seconds, providing too much or too little information will result in a delay.

All PSA forms need to be submitted at least two weeks before the date of the event to be considered for air play.

PSA Request Form!

[Note: Please fill out form before contacting Production Director]

Please feel free to e-mail the KRUA Production Manager with any questions or concerns at:

Unless requested you will not receive conformation the PSA is completed; however, if submitted properly rest assured it is being broadcast!