The News Feed: Now With 100% More Bill Nye the Science Guy


The News Feed: Now With 100% More Bill Nye…

You may have heard of our guest from our News Feed from October 24th. We have Bill Nye on the show to talk about the success of his show in the 90s, space, the future of science in the media, and more!

Also we have a story from News Reporter Ammon Swenson, who went to a debate hosted by the UAA debate team over Proposition 2, the ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana.  As well as a story from a student round-table where UAA students got the chance to express their concerns and suggestions to University administrators.

We have that and more updates from the week’s news, both international and local on the News Feed from October 24th.

If you want to see the video of our interview with Bill Nye the Science Guy, you can check it out in the link above. The video was produced by The Northern Light.

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