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April 10th


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In this experimental episode of the News Feed, Mariah interviews Senator Lisa Murkowski about Title IX. Ammon investigates the world of Amtgard, a foam sword fighting and live action roll playing group. Also, Palestine faces a housing problem and gold fish take over a Colorado lake.


April 3rd

Photo: Ammon Swenson
Photo: Ammon Swenson

With the 2015 Anchorage mayoral elections right around the corner, this week’s News Feed features interviews that reporter Mariah did with mayoral candidates Ethan Berkowitz and Paul Bauer. Also, Ammon went to a debate hosted by USUAA that included a handful of candidates and he reports back. As usual, we also have updates from around the world, nation, and state.

March 20th

In this week’s News Feed we talk about the election in Israel and some reactions from the U.S., sick birds falling from the sky, and whats been going on in the world and at home. Mariah tells us about the sky bridge construction on campus and we also hear her interview with mayoral candidate Dustin Darden.

Courtesy of NBC
Courtesy of NBC


February 27th

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Overcoming technical difficulties, this News Feed brings you your usual international, national, and local updates. Also, Mariah talks to mayoral candidate Dan Coffey as part of her new series where she’ll be interviewing as many candidates as possible before the election. She also produced a piece about Never Alone, an Alaska native based video game.


 February 20th

Obsession Records-Photo by Ammon Swenson
Obsession Records-Photo by Ammon Swenson

This week we talk about the situations in Yemen and Ukraine, Walmart wage increases, some issues, as well as local and UAA updates. Mariah looks into the University of Alaska’s search for a new president and Ammon checks out Obsession Records, a new vinyl record store.

February 6th

Photo: Ammon Swenson
Photo: Ammon Swenson

Lots of UAA news for you this week. Updates on prioritization, Tanaina Child Develpopment Center, and alleged sexual harassment on campus. As usual we have updates from around the world including whats happened to the Islamic State hostages and world powers working towards ending the conflict in Ukraine. We also talk about what President Obama has been up to and of course, whats been going on in Alaska. All that and more. Check it out below.

December 5th

Is the goat murder in question? Not Putin, the tiger (taken from
Is this the goat murder in question? Not Putin, the tiger (taken from

Some people have good years but others have great ones. Russian President Vladimir Putin definitely had plenty to check off his bucket list this year. Host a Winter Olympics? Check. Annex Crimea? Check. Become Time’s Person of the Year? Check that off Checkov.

In this final episode of the News Feed for the year, we discuss whether or not this great year for Putin will translate into a bad year for Russians as the sanctions on Russia appear to be taking their toll on the Russian economy. Of course we still have the rest of the world to update you on including elections in both Israel and Sweden.

We also discuss local news and the increasingly interesting mayoral race that’s heating up in Alaska’s largest city, Anchroage. All of that and Ammon Swenson looks into whether or not students will be getting much utility out of the new Alaska Airlines Center.


And be sure to tune into the News Feed this Friday for our Best of the Year episode!

November 21st

Now where can we find a good parking spot? Image taken from
Now where can we find a good parking spot? Image taken from

While finding a parking spot on campus can be a pain, trying to find a parking spot on a comet is pure insanity. Imagine instead of a car its a probe and instead of campus your probe is near the orbit of Jupiter. Well that is basically what the European Space Agency has been dealing these past few weeks when they landed the Philae lander on Comet 67P as apart of the Rosetta Mission. On this week of the News Feed, we have UAA Astronomy Professor Dr. Travis Rector on what the Rosetta mission means for knowledge of the early solar system and space exploration at large.

Speaking of parking on campus, we also have a story on the debate over a new road access plan that could ease congestion for getting on campus. All of that and more local and international news updates on the News Feed in the link below.

November 14th13152864


It’s hard being a modern dictator. Always having to deal with civil rights groups and their new modern forms of communication. Confound you internet; so much to censor but so little time!

While the dictator’s plight might be a little more difficult for someone in the United States to sympathize with, William Dobson in his book The Dictator’s Learning Curve explores how modern authoritarian leaders have adapted to the times. In our interview with Dobson we explore how both these authoritarian states work and how democratic opposition groups respond to them. Also in the program, we take a look at the Alaska Airlines Center. It has been almost a semester since its opening but are students really getting the money’s worth from the 100 million dollar plus arena? Check it out in the link below.


November 7thLEGOArt_02

Stormtroopers are people too. At least that’s what we got out of the Lego exhibit Brick by Brick currently at the Anchorage Museum. If you’re tired of hearing about the elections, you can take solace in our story on the exhibit and popularity of legos on the News Feed from November 7th.

But if you aren’t tired of the elections, we’ve got you covered as well with a story from the insanity of Election Central. We also go over everything that was happening both inside and outside of the U.S. during the midterm elections. Also an update on the changes for Alaska after the midterm results. Check it out in the link below.





October 31stinlineImg310x230_saturn

You would not expect 3D printers in our extra spooky episode of the News Feed but we have them. Check out our story from news reporter Ammon Swenson has he takes a look at 3D printers on the UAA campus. Additionally we actually have some appropriately spooky audio for the holiday. We take a listen to some of the most mysterious audio recordings ever produced; some of these have been explained through new scientific research, while others may never be explained.

All of that and more updates on the week’s local and international news on our Halloween News Feed from Friday October 31st. You can listen to it in the link below.


October 24th

You may have heard of our guest from our News Feed from October 24th. We have Bill Nye on the show to talk about the success of his show in the 90s, space, the future of science in the media, and more!

Also we have a story from News Reporter Ammon Swenson, who went to a debate hosted by the UAA debate team over Proposition 2, the ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana.  As well as a story from a student round-table where UAA students got the chance to express their concerns and suggestions to University administrators. We have that and more updates from the week’s news, both international and local on the News Feed from October 24th.

If you want to see the video of our interview with Bill Nye the Science Guy, you can check it out in the link below. The video was produced by The Northern Light.


October 10th

Source World Health Organization
Source World Health Organization

Ebola has become an international crisis. The virus has shattered the already broken health care infrastructures of Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea and concerns linger that the disease could spread outside of these nations. As the first recorded cases of Ebola strike US, is it time for US citizens to hit the “big red button that says ‘Panic’?”

UAA virologist Dr. Eric Bortz returns to the News Feed to discuss whether Americans should be concerned about an outbreak of the virus in the US and provides an update on the efforts to fight the virus in West Africa.
It’s grim stuff but it’s not all doom and gloom. For a pick-me-up we’ve got two of the creators of web-comic Cyanide and Happiness, Rob DenBleyker and Dave McElfatrick. They reflect on 1o-years of writing comics and look at the future of the series online. We have that and a story from News Reporter Ammon Swenson on a graduate student’s project of tracking heat loss in University buildings.

All of that and our usual roundup on the week’s news on the News Feed. Look forward to a new episode of the News Feed this Friday at 4pm.




October 3rdBegich Promo

The November mid-term elections are less than a month away. Attack adds swarm as the duel over one of Alaska’s seats in the US Senate intensifies into the final stretch. On our show from Friday October 3, we have Incumbent Senator and Democratic candidate for Senate Mark Begich on to discuss his record in the United States’ highest legislative body.

You can hear that as well as our usual recap of the week’s news both international and local on the News Feed. We also feature a story from our new news reporter Ammon Swenson as he tries to figure out what Senshi-con is and meets plenty of fantastical characters along the way.

Get seriously informed with KRUA’s weekly broadcast of the News Feed and look forward to a new episode this Friday at 4pm.


 September 25th

475px-Alaska_Presidential_Election_Results_by_County,_2012.svgWhile the November elections may seem like some what of a distant prospect, the campaigns are in full swing. That’s why we had UAA Professor of Political Science Dr. Forrest Nabors level with us about current state of Alaska’s campaign season and our state’s place in the battle between Republicans and Democrats over control of the US Senate. We get realpolitik on News Feed with that and our usual wrap on the week’s most important news developments. Also featured is a story explain why kids may be living in the dorms at UAA this November.



September 12th

There is a lot of construction on campus. Between a new sky bridge, a new engineering building and the recently opened Alaska Airlines Center, the University of Alaska Anchorage is going to look very different in the years to come. In last week’s News Feed, we cover construction and parking and the problems and benefits it creates for students.

You can catch that and more seriously informative updates on the week’s international and local news on the News Feed.


Be sure to tune in this Friday September 19th at 4pm for another episode of the News Feed.


August 29th

KRUA's broadcast radius: everyone in this area was immediately seriously informed by the News Feed's Broadcast last week.
KRUA’s broadcast radius: everyone in this area was immediately seriously informed by the News Feed’s Broadcast last week.

Well its here and we might as well accept it; classes have started and the Fall semester has begun. If you are feeling a little out of the loop after the long summer, catch up with the News Feed. This episode featured updates on a variety of international and local issues including an interview with UAA Accounting Professor Dr. Patrick Fort regarding prioritization.

He explains his perspective on the review process of prioritization and shares his doubts on whether the process was truly conducted without bias. You can hear all of this and more in the link below.

Be sure to tune into the News Feed this Friday at 4pm for shortened half-hour episode for all those with short attention spans. We will return to our regular hour long format next week.

News Feed August 29th








August 22nd

Dr. Eric Bortz, taken from UAA Green and Gold

Dr. Eric Bortz, taken from UAA Green and Gold

Ebola is terrifying but also incredibly interesting. If you missed out on last week’s News Feed you can catch it here on the link below. We discussed the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa with UAA Virologist Dr. Eric Bortz. Dr. Bortz discusses the unique features of the Ebola virus and the difficulty of combating the spread of the disease in under-developed countries in West Africa.

You can hear this, an interview regarding prioritization, and an update on the University with Student Government Stacey Lucasson in our News Feed from Friday August 22nd.







August 15th


Prioritization, new student fees, and other big stories are happening at the University of Alaska Anchorage. You can catch all of this and more in the News Feed from Friday August 15th.

In addition to featuring plenty of information about prioritization, we also discussed some of the important events from around the world this week.







 August 8th

Taken From UAA Green and Gold
Taken From UAA Green and Gold

If you missed out on last week’s News Feed, you can find a link to our program from August 8th below. On that Friday we started things off with an interview with a representative of the main group in opposition to Proposition 1 or the repeal of the governor’s oil tax cuts. We also have a story on the Former Dean of the College of Engineering suing the University and the Provost for wrongful termination and discrimination. As well as even more debate on oil tax reform and a profile of the new Coordinator for Student Clubs and Greek Life.









 August 1st

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

From the mystery of Beijing politics to unexpected interviews with state senators, the News Feed from last week was an interesting one. Last week we started off with an interview with State Senator Bill Wielechowski regarding his opposition to the Governor’s oil tax cuts in SB21. We are also talked to Mike Smith from the UAA Admissions office. He explained the new pilot program known as “Come Home to Alaska,” which gives non-residents in state tuition if they have a parent or grandparent living in the state.

You can hear that and our usual wrap up of the week’s news in the link below. And be sure to tune into the News Feed Friday August 8th at 4:00PM for the other side of Proposition 1 and so much more.