Mikal Cronin

Remember the first time you heard Mikal Cronin? Well, let me go back just a bit further. Remember the first time you heard Ty Segall and you were like “ooh, this is grungy, raw, and fun!”? Yeah man, well Mikal Cronin is right up the same alley. They’re best friends, after all. Earlier this year, he released his first full-length self-titled record, and of course it was excellent. Reminiscent of his bff Ty, the Beets and even Harlem, Mikal takes a sound that has been around for, literally, decades, and brings it back to current times, while also maintaining freshness. Take that, asparagus. All of this being said, Mikal’s Tide 7” is only 2 songs, but each one is quality. I mean, what kind of 7” would have more than 2 songs on it? Well, I guess it could, if the songs were short or if it were a large 7”, but then again, that would not even be a 7” at that point. All I’m trying to say is that on a scale of 1 to yeah-it’s-only-2-songs-but-7”s-are-fun, I give it a much deserved 8.

Recommended Tracks: “Tide” and “You Gotta Have Someone” (these are, literally, the only two tracks).

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