Seawolves Women Lose Close Basketball Game to Long Beach


Seawolves Women Lose Close Basketball Game to Long Beach

Image from longbeachstate.comThe Women’s Championship of the Great Alaska Shootout came down to a close game as the UAA’s Seawolves faced the Long Beach 49ers. In the end, the 49ers edged out a 69-60 win and ultimately the championship of the women’s tournament. Though hot off their victory over Yale yesterday, the Seawolves kept the game close but the 49ers ended up claiming victory

The championship was inaugurated by UAA’s Kiki Robertson sneaking a quick two points on the Long Beach 49ers. However the 49ers were quick to retaliate and broke UAA’s lead 3 minutes in. After a Service High cheerleader went down with an unfortunate accident during a timeout, the game remained at a close stalemate. With 8 minutes to go in the first half, Keke Wright put the game to a tie 22-22 with a layup. However the 49ers  Hallie Meneses responded with a three pointer that maintained a 49ers lead into the second half.

The Seawolves did not let the half end without a stunning Jumper for Jenna Buchanan that sunk into the net a mere one second before the end of the game. A foul by Alex Sanchez allowed UAA to gain another point on the 49ers ending the half at a tight 33-36.

The second half began with 49ers Anna Kim suffering a game ending injury for her a mere 21 seconds into the period. Still some tit for tat points early on heightened the scores on both sides but Long Beach retained a confident lead throughout. However with 10 minutes left in the game, a layup from Jessica Madison tied the score 52-52. The brevity of the this tie was proven 17 seconds later with a layup by 49ers Devin Hudson.

This lead proved too much for the Seawolves to the recover from as UAA ended with 60 and the 49ers claimed the championship of the tournament with a final score of 69 points in the final game. Despite this UAA’s Megan Mullings was named MVP of the tournament in the post-game awards ceremony.

Listen to a clip from 49ers Coach Jody Wynn as she compliments UAA as one of the toughest teams they faced.

Stay tuned for more UAA game updates from the GCI Great Alaska Shootout.

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