Les Sins – Michael


Les Sins – Michael

By Wright Franklin
KRUA Music Manager

54072When I heard the first single, “Bother” off of the new album Les Sins from  Micheal (or Chaz Bundwick of Toro Y Moi), I thought it was a goofy side project . I heard the song as a silly voice sample over a stereotypical club beat. But the ending caught me off guard. It transitions from danceable pop to an eerie atmospheric synthesizer and fades out. This is a little too deep for a forgettable side project.

From the first song “Talk About”, you can tell that Bundwick is all about creating atmospheres. It’s clear that rather than producing music to kill the time he is genuinely trying to explore a new soundscape. All of the songs can either be taken in a light-hearted or serious tone. This album is a unique combination of fun and emotion, which is a rare commodity.

Tracks two and three, “Past” and “Toy”, evoke a dark dance floor and as one fades into the other, you get a sense of the creepier portion of the album. Immediately, the darkness dissipates with track four, “Why”, featuring vocals by Nate Salman. As the album plays out, you can expect more of these mood swings with darker tracks such as “Minato” which sounds like a soundtrack to a bank robbery. The contrast of this track and “Sticky”, which sounds like a Wii menu on acid, shows Bundwick’s range and makes Michael a truly interesting listen.


Track List:

  1. Talk About
  2. Past
  3. Toy
  4. Why (feat. Nate Salman)
  5. Bother
  6. Minato
  7. Bellow
  8. Sticky
  9. Call
  10. Drop
  11. Do Right

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