March 10, 2011


The KRUA music department is in many ways the gatekeepers here. This is to say, that the music department decides who will and who will not be allowed on our airwaves. We receive hundreds of albums a year and it would be awesome to say that all of those albums are great and they make it into rotation, but that just isn’t so. The truth is, we only play a small fraction of the albums we receive. We give our listeners the best of the best. We go through the hassle of screening for good music so you don’t have to.

Heard an amazing new song on the air?

With all of this great music playing over our airwaves it would come as no shock if you found yourself dying to know the song that just played; and we can help! Just jump on over to the song retrieval section, and we’ll help you out as soon as we can.

Just include the time and/or date in your message as well as any lyrics you might remember and they will search it out for you as soon as possible.


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  • Top five bands that Anchorage needs a live dose of:
    -Kurt Vile and the Violators
    -J. Mascis

    • Yaaaay! So glad you found it! We’ve all taken a long weekend off, but will be back on Monday to handle any other song questions you might have. Thanks for listening so faithfully!

  • Hi, what was the song that just played at 1:37ish, it was a jazzy funky piece with a female vocalist. thanks!

    • Hi Danny, sorry we didn’t get to your comment earlier but we can’t look back that far in our archive. If you hear it again, please don’t hesitate to ask again!

  • What was the song that JUST played at 5:05-5:07ish? Male voice, acoustic guitar, lyrics like “the world keeps ticking like a time bomb…” HELP ME!!!

    • Hi Jesica, the song that you are looking for is called Time Bomb by Harrison B. The version that’s on the air is one that he recorded live at KRUA! Here’s a link to a different performance by Harrison B on vimeo

  • Can’t remember much. Mostly remember winter, spring, summer, fall, some of us something something others stand tall

  • Good afternoon! Around 11:30 am / 12ish you were playing a hip hop song. Upbeat , the chorus was “game time” I think. You look good with the party on your dress. I’m not a fan of hip hop, but this song is awesome.

  • What songs were playing between (I think) 950 and 1000 am? Mostly looking for the one with the female.vocals, thanks.

    • Hi Chey! We’ve been trying to find them for you, but it looks like they’re too far back in our archive for us to see what was played. Sorry! Please let us know if you hear the song you wanted on the air again!

  • Okay I’m wondering if you can help me out on a song played a little while after ten last night, it was really soft with male vocal harmonies, but I can barely remember any of the lyrics. I know it mentions willow at some point?

    • Hi Lily,

      The songs that played from 10-10:15 on that night include: Myth – Beach House; One Life Stand – Hot Chip; 4 Minute Mile – Bell X1; and Don’t Drink The Water – Idiot Glee.
      All of those have fairly soft male vocals so it’s a tough call on my part but maybe you’ll recognize it if you check those out! Let me know.

      Michael Stormo
      Production Assistant

    • I’ll list off a few songs that I can see played about that time, hopefully that will help you out!

      Street Band by Pause played at 8:07, Milk Duds by Lady Lamb the Beekeeper played at 8:11, and Victor by Prinze George played at 8:15

      I hope this helps you out! Thanks for listening!


  • I heard this song right around 9:25 pm on 3.18 and this seemed to be the hook…The world keep ticking like a time bomb, the world keep ticking for me…solid acoustic work as well. Also something along the lines of I’m not much of a fighter but…cigarette lighter…

    Not much to go on but I would appreciate any help!

  • Hi – what song played at about 8:02am today (10 Jan)? It had the lyric “Magic” over and over, and a chorus like “never give up on me”.

    Thanks! Erik

    PS – Please get an App for the station so I can interface better with my smartphone.

    • I can’t look that far back, but that sounds like Mystery Skull’s “Magic”! We had them in rotation for a little while!

      Thank you for listening! And some talk about an app has been up in the air, so keep an ear open! 😉


  • What was the song that just played at around 915? It was kind of a twangy lo fi song about a tightrope walker. Thanks for your help! Meghan

    • Hi Meghan,

      The song you are looking for is actually Tight Rope Walker by Caroline Rose (:

      Thanks for listening to KRUA!

      -Wright Franklin
      KRUA Music Manager

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