The Golden Echo | Kimbra


The Golden Echo | Kimbra

By Wright Franklin
KRUA Music Manager

kimbra-the-golden-echo-608x608-400x400Even if you don’t immediately recognize her, you’ve heard heard Kimbra. Like it or not, you’ve heard the song “Somebody That I Used To Know”. It went eight times platinum for God’s sake. “Teen Spirit” went eight times platinum. “Thriller” went eight times platinum. So yeah, you could say that she has seen some level of success. Her debut record, “Vows” was full of dynamic and pretty songbird melodies. Now, signed to Warner Brothers, Kimbra has delivered her sophomore release, “The Golden Echo” and in some ways it excels and in other ways it flops.

If you’ve ever seen and/or heard a live performance from her, especially one where she utilizes the loop pedal on her sensual voice, you know that Kimbra is a performer to behold. With what seems like minimal effort, she can out-sing a lot of people in the industry, proving that when she is off on this record it is only when she tries too hard to be on. What is so special about her is her raw, aggressive talent. On this album her voice seems to be overshadowed with production and unnecessary sound. That is what is truly missing on this record. The necessary. Some of the songs are too jumbled with elements to present the songs in the manner that would suit them best.

This is most evident in the middle of the album, with the songs “Madhouse” and “Everlovin’ Ya”. By far the most unlistenable song is the apparent single for the album, “90s Music”. She should absolutely not have chosen this song for the single. Or made it in the first place. The “trap” style drums are a trend that is growing old, and it doesn’t really suit Kimbra’s style. At all. The best moments on the album are when Kimbra is being her unapologetic self. Hopefully, she will choose to embrace a simpler sound the next time around.


Track List:

1. Teen Heat
2. 90s Music
3. Carolina
4. Goldmine
5. Miracle
6. Rescue Him
7. Madhouse
8. Everlovin’ Ya feat. Bilal
9. As You Are
10. Love In High Places
11. Nobody But You
12. Waltz Me To The Grave

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