Jack White – Blunderbuss


Jack White – Blunderbuss

Jack White - BlunderbussSo how many of you listened to the White Stripes in high school? Yeah, I know they’ve never had a bassist and a lot of people aren’t big fans but don’t lie; you probably have caught yourself mumbling the bass line to Seven Nation Army a couple times in your young life.

Personally, I believe Jack White to be one of the most influential guitarists of our generation. I know that’s a bold statement but take a second and think about it, Jack White, John Mayer, and Dan Auerbach. That’s a pretty solid trio if you ask me.

Recently, Jack White released his first solo debut album titled Blunderbuss and it isn’t exactly your 9th grade White Stripes pop rock.

Recorded in Nashville Tennessee, there are influences of loud rock, country folk, R&B soul, gospel blues, and even some rapping on the album. While the lead single “Sixteen Saltines” is a fast paced pugnacious song with its aggressive distorted melody, the video is one of my favorites yet most disturbing things I’ve ever watched; you’ll have to check it out for yourself here.

As for the rest of the album there are other songs such as the much slower “Love Interruption” that features a duet with Ruby Amanfu and “Freedom at 21” which I’m almost certain White raps at one point but it actually works into the song quite well. Overall, you might have your opinions about Jack White and his music in the past, but those assumptions may soon come to an end with Blunderbuss. But then again you still might be confused at exactly which one of two was the guy in the White Stripes. 3/5.

Recommended Tracks: “Sixteen Saltines,” “Love Interruption,” “Freedom at 21.”

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