Midnight Snack | Homeshake


Midnight Snack | Homeshake

Nearly every promotional album that KRUA receives comes with an insert or sticker extolling its virtues. I do my best to ignore these often-deceptive, always-flowery pseudo-descriptions and form a complete judgment of the album by myself before looking at it. I happened to glance down at a sticker this week and nearly choked on the water I was drinking. “Similar Artists: Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Mac DeMarco, Ducktails.” Well, whoever wrote that must have been extremely confident in this album, and rightly so.

Homeshake’s new album “Midnight Snack” manages to blend each artist together and fashion a sensual experience out of simplistic R&B guitar melodies, light airy vocals, and minimalistic drum tracks. “Midnight Snack” is the type of album to play late at night, when the party dies down and it’s just a few friends hanging out on the porch looking at the stars.

Early in the album, Homeshake impresses with the song “He’s Heating Up”. If you’re not in the know, the phrases “he’s heating up” and “he’s on fire” come from a popular basketball video game “NBA Jam”. Alongside those phrases come “from downtown” and “jams it in”, more catch phrases from the game, and Homeshake weaves all these references together to form a heart-achingly beautiful song.

With song titles like “Under The Sheets”, “Move This Body”, and “Give It To Me”, listeners should know pretty much what to expect when it comes to the content of the lyrics. Not to say the lyrics grow stale as the album goes on; on the contrary, it is quite impressive how Homeshake’s lyrics remain fresh as the tone of the album remains relatively consistent. Finally, the album rounds out with “Goodnight”, an instrumental that matches the feel of the album. When you feel that the night is dying down and it’s time to chill out, throw this album on and sit next to your significant other, you will not regret it.

Rating: 5/5

Track List:

  1. What’d He Look Like
  2. Heat
  3. He’s Heating Up!
  4. I Don’t Wanna
  5. Faded
  6. Love Is Only A Feeling
  7. Under The Sheets
  8. Real Love
  9. Move This Body
  10. Give It To Me
  11. Midnight Snack
  12. Goodnight
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