Hembree – New Oasis

Hembree – New Oasis

CLGMChBUsAAQ-QtHave you been looking for an EP that completely encompasses the majority of KRUA’s music library? Well if you have, this is what you’ve been looking for.

Hembree’s EP “New Oasis” provides a relatively broad range of musical styles within the context of modern indie rock, and it does so in an incredibly short amount of time. Only 4 tracks long, everyone can find the time to enjoy it.

I must admit, I was not immediately impressed by “New Oasis”. The first song on the album, “Walk Alone”, opened with a generic Modest Mouse-style riff, and even the title of the song bored me.

While “Walk Alone” does manage to provide that mid-to-late 2000s feeling, I had trouble finding anything good to say about track #3, titled “New Oasis”. Initially, I described it as “some Black Keys $#!* type song”, which is not quite a raving review.

Never fear, faithful readers, for this EP does have redeemable qualities. Track #3, titled “Subtle Step”, brings a bit of funk and head boppiness to the table which you know I just love. “Subtle Step” opens in a way which makes the listener think that it could be the opening to a Bones track, but the vocals quickly appear and dispel that feeling. The syncopation of the drums and guitar gives the song a mid 80s feel, kinda like a Genesis/Depeche Mode collaboration.

The album is rounded out by “Six Years”, an anthem type of love song that talks about meeting “on the other side”. It’s definitely romantic in a painful, heartbreaking fashion. Again, not incredibly unique or trailblazing but dependable and enjoyable listening.

Rating: 6/10

Track List:

  1. Walk Alone
  2. New Oasis
  3. Subtle Step
  4. Six Years



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