The Late Blue | Gypsy & The Cat


The Late Blue | Gypsy & The Cat

Indie rock is a category of music that encompasses everything that doesn’t quite fit other classifications. It’s the catch-all genre for off-beat music. But despite the possibility for representing just about anything, indie rock has a stereotype – the four-person band of guitar slingers with art-rock inclinations. Be that as it may, some indie rockers challenge the stereotype. Gypsy & The Cat is one such band.

Melbourne duo Gypsy & The Cat’s newest album The Late Blue is a testament to the broadness and nebulous nature of indie rock. The 10-song album, released by Alsatian Music, is not only a work that puts exemplary hooks into every single track, but manages simultaneously to make them all sound different. Interestingly, the disparity between the styles across the album are nonetheless great counterparts.

Each song sounds different, but each song works and fits in the context of the album. Drawing on synthy club, dance, and dream pop influences, coupled with excellent production and regular nods to “indie rock” song writing and chord progression, The Late Blue is about as varied in its sound as in its album art. It’s really a collage of musical influence. If Piet Mondrian were to make an indie rock album, this would likely be the result.

The bottom line: a very successful album, featuring 10 tracks that get better from start to finish. 4.1/5.

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