Friends – I’m His Girl

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Friends – I’m His Girl

Lately in music, there has been a weird flux in female artists with a lot of attitude (DOM, Twin Sister, Little Dragon, etc.) and Friends is no exception! Their debut, which is just a college sampler titled College Sampler is comprised of 4-songs, half of which are really good.

The first two, “I’m His Girl” and “Friend Crush” are fun, funky anthems of dating a guy, really being into him, but not really taking commitment too seriously. For example, on “I’m His Girl” – “So if you love someone, let them be free/I know I don’t want no one, suffocating me/Don’t settle for ownership, make a …/If you love someone, you should feel good to let them breathe”. Y’know, good ol’ fashioned fun relationships. Nothing wrong with that!

That’s basically what Friends is all about. Good times and fun beats. They’re very reminiscent of Cults on the first two tracks…however; things take an unfortunate turn on the last two. “My Boo” is a Ghostown DJs cover that Friends takes and transforms into a strange, out-of-tune, comfortable jam. I didn’t like it, but some may.

Finally, we have “Feelin’ Dank”, an odd song that is a lot of build-up and really no break down. It sounds kind of like a Best Coast song, just not as fun. It’s not that its bad. It’s just…not really complete, which could be because it is on a college sampler. It’s sort of like the spicy chicken strips on an appetizer platter. Someone’s going to like it; it’s just not for me. But overall this EP is solid. If you’re into Cults, Best Coast or DOM, you’ll really dig Friends.

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