Dreamin’ The Life | Fortress Social Club


Dreamin’ The Life | Fortress Social Club

By: KRUA Music Manager Oli P.

Time travel is impossible. Whether one intends to undo something or relive a moment of total joy, the clocks cannot be rewound.

Reminiscence, however, is very possible. Memory is the closest thing to time travel, and few sensory experiences can transport people to previous experiences better than music. Here is a time machine in vinyl – Fortress Social Club’s Dreamin’ The Life. The album is an emulation of the 1960s rock-n-roll scene, straddling the Americana rockabilly shuffles and the fuzzy electric guitars and gritty vocals of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones that characterized this transformational period in modern music. Everything about the album is old-school, from the sound and the songwriting to the recording techniques, in which any analog purist can rejoice. For all those who were at Woodstock’s iconic Summer of Love, this may be the ticket back, if only for a little while. For all those who never had the opportunity to experience that festival of ’69, this may be the best modern album for transportation backwards in time to that cultural landmark.

In an age of constant progression and usurpation of all things old, forgetting those that came before is all too easy. The album will allow listeners to forget momentarily chirping and tweeting advancements in popular music, as well as life in general, and consider sounds of the not-so-distant past. Dreamin’ The Life is a call back to the past. Time to reminisce. Time to travel.

4/5. Gift for fans of The Matches, The Mamas & The Papas, The Zombies, Foxygen

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