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Escort | Escort

In the way that I was glad about Yes Yes not being dance music, I was pleasantly surprised when I heard Escort’s self-titled debut, for a slightly different reason. In the way that it is definitely perfect for gettin’ down, it is also pretty cheesy, to be honest. I feel like my mother would like it, not that she has bad taste at all (because my mama’s taste is impeccable) but it is more up her alley.

Disco may not be dead, but it’s occurred to me that every single beat that Escort uses sounds the exact same, just sped up a little, or maybe even just distorted a little bit, but for the most part, I could shake it all the same to this entire album, which may or may not be a good thing. On their track “Cocaine Blues”, the beginning sounds like it was heavily influenced by Gorillaz, then suddenly breaks into this weird ELO, followed up with this weird bad Barry Gibbs knock-off type of jam, THEN it sounds like YACHT. I mean, it’s really bouncing all over the place. That’s pretty much where this record was out. “I got cocaine/runnin’ around my brain/COCAAAAAAIIIIIINNN/runnin’ around my brain!” Okay man, we get it. That’s how I felt about it anyway.

On a scale of one to real funky grooves, I give this record a big ol’ jive turkey (a 4). Ouch.

Recommended tracks: “Cameuleon Chameleon”

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