Edge Essentials | 9.29.17 | Episode 13

Edge Essentials

Edge Essentials | 9.29.17 | Episode 13

Episode 13 – 9.29.17

Featured Artists: Rostam; The Horrors

This week on “Edge Essentials,” James features and reviews Rostam’s new album Half-Light and The Horrors new album, “V.”

This episode is sponsored by Dream Inc., remembering your dreams so you don’t have to.

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Track List:

Classic Rotation
“Step” – Vampire Weekend
“Space Song” – Beach House
“Kinda Bonkers” – Animal Collective
“Diplomat’s Son” – Vampire Weekend

Recent Spotlight
“Sumer” – Rostam
“Bike Dream” – Rostam
“Never Going To Catch Me” – Rostam
“Press Enter To Exit” – The Horrors
“Gathering” – The Horrors
“Something To Remember Me By” – The Horrors

Music Beds
“City Club” – The Growlers
“Machine” – The Horrors
“Phantom of Aleppoville” – Benjamin Clementine

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